Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poetry Drive-Thru

Hello, all you internets.
Here is a conversation I had today that I think you might enjoy.

By: Kate DiCamillo (she is so good)

A couple of times a week, I walk past a fast food drive-thru. I always stop for a second or two and listen to what people are ordering. Partly, this is because I am hungry. And partly it is because I am curious. But it is also because I like to listen to the sound of people’s voices as they ask for something and believe that they are going to get what they need.
I myself would like a poetry drive-thru. I would like to pull my car up to the order board and say, “I feel lonely” or “I feel sad” or “I feel ridiculously happy.”
And I would like for the person on the other end to say: “Is that all?”
And I would say, “Yes.”
And then the voice would say, “Please pull forward.”
And when I got to the pickup window, someone wearing a cap and a nametag would stand and recite some Walt Whitman or some Rumi or some Mary Oliver to me.
Wouldn’t that be great?
I wouldn’t mind if they handed me some French fries when the poetry was done.

Katie C sent that to me this morning.
I thought you might like it.
I told Katie that today, I would drive up and say "I feel rainy and cold"
And they would read me some sandy desert poem about love
and hand me a hot coffee
and one of my Nana's blueberry muffins
fresh from 1986
and i would park the car facing away from the road
and eat it
and be happy

And Katie said "time slip is nothing at The Poetry Drive Thru."

And I asked her what she would order and she said: "I would say, "I feel too fast today."
And maybe I would get  a nice light, Billy Collins with a great contemplative twist."

I read that all to Matt and he said he feels depressed, today. So he hoped they would read him something about appreciating the moment and what you already have
and then they would hand him an Irish tea that is kind of similar to a Chai and he would sip it slowly and try to be happy.

Now was about you, dear reader?
What would you order at the Poetry Drive Thru today?