Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to Back 5ks

This weekend was a big one for me.

The 4 year anniversary of my running career (such that it is) and an all-time-first: Back to back 5ks.

On Saturday I had the 2nd annual Marshfield St Paddy's Day 5k. It was my first time running it, and Corinne and Taela's first time too.

I strong armed my lazy brother Patrick into walking it with Corinne.

We all did it in matching Matt's Auto Service shirts I made up just for the occasion. drew our logo in the form of a Celtic knot and quoted Grace Boyle on the back:

"If you are lucky enough to be Irish, you are lucky enough"

Caitlin WON in her age division (20 - 29) at a blistering 20:18:50 That a 6:32 pace!

I slogged home in 29:21:10 at a more modest 9:26 pace.

After that we hung around to see Caity claim her prize(s). A hat and gift certificate for New Balance sneaks.

It was a cold day. Salty and foggy and chilly to the bone. We found our way into The Bailey for some food and Guinnesses (plural Guinnei?). I drank the egotistically named Black-and-Tanas all day long. Then it was home for Corned Beef and Cabbage (We ran out and mom made burgers on the grill for all the boys who stopped by) Then I called it a night early. I knew I had to be up and running in Davis Square in the morning.

Post race with the crew

And suddenly it was morning. And I met up with Kirsten at Diesel Cafe and we stretched and pinned on our numbers. I met a guy in line for the bathroom for whom this was also his very first race back in 2007. "We are birthday twins!" I said. then I scolded him for not wearing any green.

Happy Race Birthday to ME!

Lorn and her gf found me in the line ready to start. She was dressed much too warmly; long pants and a light coat. "You are going to cook," I told her. (And not a quarter mile in she was peeling her jacket off sweating). By contrast, Kirsten had shorts on that were the merest suggestion of shorts. A woman handed us shamrock stickers right before the race and that was pretty nice.

The Whalens finishing in Marshfield

And then the race was underway and I was sore. My hips, my feet... (groan). Kirsten took off up the edge, pigtails swaying. And even Loran and Farrah dissappear pretty quickly. Soon I was alone in a sea of strangers, which is sometimes how I like it. And I pressed on. I did not stop. And somewhere around the water station at mile 2 I felt my body slip into gear. The aches were gone, I gulped some water and found my stride and I ran on until the end.

I even beat my time from the day before by a few seconds. Which is remarkable given that the course in Somerville is much hillier than the Marshfield one.


And I wish I had pictures from the rest of my Sunday in the city.
Mirta let me crash on her couch for a while. I watched Game of Thrones on HBO which was a happy accident. I got to shower and change into dry clothes. The simple pleasures are sometimes the best.

Then Kirsten and I met up for a picnic in the Commons and saw a sadly drained Duck Pond, threw a color changing frisbee around, talked relationships and love and love and I even go to go into Cheers! for the first time in my life. The doorman knew we were only going in to pee but he didn't seem to mind.

Throw in some froyo, 70 degree weather and a walk around Beacon Hill and you have the makings of an excellent season.

Here's looking hopefully to the future.


(Also, who is in for doing this race?! ZOMBIES!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Game of Thrones

I am almost through Book 3 of Game of Thrones and things have just gotten AWFUL!

I am heartbroken about House Stark. And little Arya, my favorite, what will happen to her?

Presently she is in the clutches of the anti-hero Sandor Clegane.

I doodled him last night as the treachery and epic defeats unfolded. You can't help but like Sandor, "The Hound" poor guy. My heart might be broken but we are continuing on. One destria, one helm, one black cloak at a time.


P.S. Books on tape are the best things ever.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My first finished hourlies AND my first attempt at the Half-Tone filter in Photoshop!

Both only mild successes.
But still!

Finished is a strong word.

I will spell check the thing tomorrow.

Today my eyes are going cross and I am overdue for an evening glass of red.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Game of Thrones

I have been addicted to the audiobook series Game of Thrones and it's amazing.

As I listen and wander around the internets I've been doodling.
Here are a few of my doodle paintings.
I liked the Daenerys/Khal Drogo storyline but little Arya is my favorite.

And here's an Oatmeal cartoon about trying to download the HBO series that I found quite amusing: HERE!

Also, I've been doing some painted character sketches for a comic book pitch we are working on.

Happy Monday, HAPPY MARCH!