Monday, February 27, 2012

A Comic!?

Well, yes!

This is my first attempt at HOURLIES.
Comics that trace one-day-in-the-life-of some person.
In this case, me.

I want to do these in color but you'll have to promise not to tease me. My coloring skills are, well... lacking... at best.

And soon! Page two.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Calvin, On Friendship.

Sometimes, when words fail me I look to art to explain the universe.

Thank goodness I've got you Calvin and the ever-brilliant Hobbs.


Have all of you buckled down to simply SURVIVE this February?

I know I have.

Rom-com's on weekends and dates to go dancing and one day at a time, we will get through this.

Today is mom and dad's 32nd wedding anniversary!
YAY! Mom and Dad!

If you are looking for us later try over at Haddad's Seafood Cafe.

Ethan told me this morning he is going to order pizza.

Oh, and for those of you interested in comics (who makes those anymore?) here is a sneak peek of the first Hourlies comic I've ever tried to do.

It's spaced out oddly because I am using the blank spaces to make scripting notes.

If you are wondering what I am reading in the coffee shop it is (or was) The Hunger Games. Oh, Katniss. I plowed through the whole trilogy is 3 days.

More on that later.

And take my advice, you want to get through this month, just read some Calvin and Hobbs comics.

Things will start to feel better.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Black Monday

This is going to be a Monday you just try to survive. Not to actually participate in.

What an awful feeling.

Here, though are the fun foodstuffs we made for the game.

Danielle and Callie and I displaying our wares

I made a guacamole shaped like a football field with some designs on top.
All the logos and decorations are edible.

The logos are Fruit Roll-Ups cut out with an Xacto knife and assembled on cheese.
Fruit Roll-Ups are a difficult (which here means "sticky") medium to work in.

At half-time the boys go outside and play The Line Game. The Line Game is a game of catch football where everyone lines up and runs a route of their own choosing. An automatic QB throws. If you miss or drop the ball you become a defensive player. Eventually there are way too many defensive players and the last one to make a clean catch wins the game and becomes the next automatic QB.

If you are a defensive player and you make an interception you are back in the game.
early in the football season I would play with the boys but then Brian tackled me against a tree and a fence in one shoulder-to-gut-shot and that was it for my career.

Now I am content to stay inside where it is warm and no one tackles me violently.
Here Jeff looks like a ghost:

Hope you all can make it through your own Black Monday's.
And Wes, stop beating yourself up.
Tom could've thrown it better, you could've caught it.
These things happen.

It's just a game.