Friday, August 10, 2012

Foam Success!

Hot diggity dog!

The lovely gentlemen from my hometown insulation company came by today at lunchtime and performed miracles.

Miracles of science!
Miracles of ingenuity!
They helped me take these hollow, sad creatures...

And transform them into these solid-bodied, full-figured, 3-dimensional FORMS! 


That's badass amiright?!

I can sense that you more curious about this process than you are letting on.
Here, let me satisfy you.

Neat, right? The way the foam just expands so fast?

And here, watch this other video of someone who gets all excited about how GOOD EVERYTHING TURNED OUT(!!) that she cannot hold a camera steady.

I do apologize for all the "um's" and shaky iphone work.

Look at me masking all my enthusiasm under feigned togetherness.

The parts of the foam that poke out (including the "growth" on the dragon's head area) will be shaved away and trimmed as I see fit. After I trim back the bulges the next step will be to wrap all of the forms in the mesh netting and then skim it with the concrete. I can't decide if I should peel the paper away exposing the foam, or just wrap the wire around the forms as they are. I will chew it over tonight and make my decision later.

I really couldn't have asked for a more successful afternoon.

The foam is solid, super lightweight, and rugged enough to hold the center pipe in place.
It does everything I needed it to do and it feels more compact, more dense than I would have dared hoped. 
To see things coming together like this is exciting.  

Figuring out how to do things from scratch is fun!

Back at it!

Happy FRIDAY y'all!

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