Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Field Hockey

I am in love with my field hockey team these days, you guys.

They are legit amazing. 

Not to mention beautiful.

Lookit those faces!

"Now for the real question: who's going out for beers after?"

I should apologize for the radio silence on this blog (non-blog now?), life simply got in the way. I am too busy living life to report back on it yet.

Be patient.
It will come back around.

Such a badass team

 I've been doing a lot of races and fun eventy things lately.

It occurs to me now I haven't reported anything about this years SMO race!
That, too, will have to wait. I will say it was amazing and very speedy. We shaved 6 hours off last year's time.

I am currently making the whole experience into a graphic novel.
So be on the look out for that.

I also ran the Zombie 5k back in... May? THAT was fun.
Mucky, though.

Until next time! 

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