Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well it has certainly been a busy new year !

Beginning the first of the year I got a promotion at my day job (WooHoo!).

For those you of might not know I spend my daylight hours operating a mechanic's garage (*ahem* an "Independent Repair Facility") in a little town in Massachusetts. We are the best garage around by far! And as such I have been very busy doing not-art.

I figured I'd let you in on some of the not-art that has been keeping me busy.

First, we knocked this wall down:



And we enlisted the help of both Matt's mini-Whalen's to come and help us paint the back shop. They had a blast. Also his mother chipped in. Washed windows and painted around the light boxes and suchlike.

Wyatt and Andrea scraping and painting

Matt was thrilled to be working with his kids

We moved some sheets of metal that had been laying up against one wall and behind it we discovered a crazy wall weed. It's tendrils had crept into the paint and behind it to the concrete itself. SO CREEPY! Luckily Wyatt took care it for us.

Crazy wall weed!

Get 'em Wy

And all in all it's coming along wonderfully.

Our new open floor plan

Freshly painted

In comics' news I am setting up a home studio so that I can continue making art. I have a book of Autobiographical Short Stories that I would like to debut at Boston Con but that depends on my ability to learn my way around a Mac.

I got an INCREDIBLE new iMac for Christmas/My Birthday and I am bumbling my way through learning it. I have been a PC all my life but I am finally making the switch.

And here is the ever-adorable Wyatt telling us all about how he saved us from the wild plants:

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jt ford said...

Best accent ever, right?! I LOVE that kid. Andrea is awesome too.