Thursday, September 29, 2011

En Route to APE!

The BOSTON MARATHON Comic hereby titled "26.2" is ready in time for its debut!

If you drove past the shop last night you'd have seen that the windows were glowing around the edges as I was furiously finishing up the premiere editions of the latest book. NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE (Click that top button over yonder ---> )

If you'd like to read the 10-page preview then just go HERE, then come on back and order your very own copy.

It's 32 pages, black and white.

Affordably priced at Just $5 bucks (plus shipping)!

Here is a shot of my desk and I hand lettered one million ducks with my website address.

this might be a rag-tag operation but I do put maximum effort into it!

And here is a screen shot from a few days ago. I really need to get myself a Cintiq tablet. That Wacom I'm using just ain't cutting it, these days. (IF you agree, feel free to donate any amount you to my rickety little operation.)

And finally here is a picture of the ACTUAL silver cup from the 1902 marathon that my grandfather won when he came in second.

If I had had time I would've cheesed in a picture with it and incorporated that into my back matter.

Gotta' save that idea for the deluxe edition!

T-Minus 3 hours and counting until my flight leaves for San Fran.

APE should be fun this year.

I'll get to hear all my faves like Craig Thompson, Kate Beaton, Paige Braddock, Dan Cooney, and lots of others talk and tell about their experiences as artists and story tellers. I am quite aflutter.

If you'd like to read the 10-page preview then just go HERE, then come on back and order your very own copy.

Affordably priced at Just $5 bucks (plus shipping)!

Sorry for the whirlwind post, I've still got packing to do!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011



I am bleary-eyed this morning.

Part of gearing up for conventions is a certain amount of sleeplessness I know but this morning I am luggage. too bad I still have massive amounts of edits to get through.

Field hockey was awesome last night.
We increased our goal scoring by 200%! (which here means we tied at 2-2 whereas last week we lost 0-2). This morning, which is madhouse around here beacuse Matthew has his Tuesday Morning business meeting to go and we are being swarmed by bees.

Yes, bees.

Please do see:

K.C. dropped off some bee hive frames for Matt to freeze and before Matt could return form his meeting every honey bee in the area found the frames and is going to town on them right now.

Hope nobody here is allergic.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rusty Sharks

The Rusty Sharks

Last night was the inaugural game of our new team The Rusty Sharks. Formed from the former field hockey faction of my alma mater (Simmons College) we played very well for not-having-played-in-a-long-time.

Most of the team were my fellow college mates. Shanna and Steph and Teressa Brown and Caitlyn and Katie C. of course. This whole thing was her idea.

I'm in the blue bandanna

Katie and I were both goalies in college and I never learned the rules of the game. I know some basics (like you can only hit the ball with the flat side of the stick) but not much else. There are no goalies allowed in this league so Katie and I were totally winging it; crouching and scooting around the field. I think we did pretty well considering.

It was great to catch up with everybody. Afterward we went to a little bar where we had the whole place to ourselves and split a pitcher (or two) of Oktoberfest swapping stories from the good old days. (The fact that everyone knew I went to my junior prom in a purple dress shocked me. It turns out I was passing the picture around for reasons I cannot now fathom.)


In arty news my first anniversary of launching into comics is coming up in two weeks.

I will have a cupcake!

The APE show in sunny San Francisco happens at the end of next week.

You'll remember that is the show where I debuted Duck! A comic, the PRISM grant winning comic and my first foray into sequential story telling.

That was followed up by the comic That Time I Turned 30 in Greece, an autobio gig chronicling my adventures overseas.

If you'd like to help fund my little San Fran trip you can order both those books right away.

Or! If you've already got a copy you can simply donate to the traveling artist in any amount you'd like.

In the meantime I am halfway through lettering the newest Boston Marathon story and ought to get back to it before I run out of time.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do A Little Reading About Comics

Justin Hall wrote a nice article in the 2009 Pride magazine HERE. Open it and scroll to the article on Rachel Maddow and after you read that (I love her) go to the pages near the back that he wrote. Comics are disappearing from the gay ghetto. And that's a good thing.

Then there is a great article about making your own comic book here: It Starts with the TMNT and includes the ever-talented Erika Moen. Good reads.


I am missing the peaceful quiet of the great Maine woods this week.


And we are in the mad dash to finish the boston marathon comic before APE (which happens at the end of this month). I booked my plane tickets yesterday morning so it's officially official!

I'll be in the city by the bay (does anyone call it that?) for a few days in early October.

Here's a page or two to tide you over from the new work:

One page

Another Page

And a last page that if you follow me closely, you'd have seen before.

Back to the ink-stained desk for me.