Saturday, August 27, 2011

Winter Harbor

I've been off the grid all week and it's been marvelous.

I shacked up in a gorgeous cabin in the woods of Northern Maine with Megan. About an hour away from Acadia National Park where I hiked and climbed and breathed deeply every single day. There was no internet and very spotty cell phone service. Also, in my haste to Not-Forget-Anything I didn't pack my camera charger, thinking it would be unnecessary only to discover my camera was dead on arrival.

So all my pictures from the week are cell phone sized and slightly blurry.

My b.

The hikes we chose to do were all rather intense on the way up and gradual wandering paths on the way down. It was the perfect way to do it.


Here I am posed next to a sign that says CAUTION this trail is really dangerous, dogs are not allowed and people have died on this path.

Yes, died.

We ate lunch on the top of the mountains, drinking in the epic views.
I don't want to brag or anything but we got a private tour of Little Moose island with the superintendent of Acadia National Park. How's that for fancy?

There was a wonderful garden out behind the house. House? Cabin? Whatever it was.

We had a private little lake:

And a circular garden:

And here is one nights' freshly picked loot:

And the kitchen we cooked it all in:

We also lucked out with a garage full of kayaks and this little baby.

Only 136 miles on her when we fired it up. Meg and I managed to put over 100 miles on this baby in 3 days. Amazing!

We had our share of Maine lobster of course.
Watch out sucka'! Someone's about to lose a claaaw!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dirty Jersey and the FREE burrito


Such a lovely couple

A few new things to catch you guys up on.

Last weekend was the wedding of Brian and Danielle in dirty Jersey.

Me and Pat

I drove down in my mom's van (since the Jeep doesn't have AC and a 7 hour drive in August with no AC sounded absolutely miserable). I listened to Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire on cassette tapes the whole way down and back. My mom's old Ford only has a cassette deck and when I asked my friends for any old 90s mix tapes they might have kicking around, Kirsten offered up the HP books she found for $3 at a church sale (great buy!) and that made the time fly by.

Jessie is the second in from the left

The boys and their seersucker suits in the sun

Pretty daring with the RED martini, Brian

The wedding was as opulent as any wedding I will likely attend could be. Danielle was stunning. Brian and the boys wore white seersucker suits. There was a photobooth where Jessie and I posed with the bourbon Manhattan she was drinking (straight up) in honor of her nan.

Yes, she's 100% naked in the booth

I got by on the generosity of the Johnson family who let me crash on their couch and shower in their bathroom. The drive there and back was peaceful with just myself and my book on tape.

And now, it is back to work. October 1st and 2nd I'll be in San Francisco for APE. Come out and see me. I am in a dash (not yet mad) to get the Boston Marathon Comic out by then. I'd like to do it all in color but I think that's too lofty a goal for such a rapidly approaching deadline. Perhaps the second printing...

And this weekend is the ANNA's WALQueria!

A half marathon (held for the past 5 years) that goes from one Anna's location to the next with FREE BURRITOS in the first and last stops. does this sound liek my perfect race or what? Detail are:

ANNA's WALQueria!
What: Burrito-heads travel half a marathon to snack at all six Anna’s Taqueria locations; each stop means $5 per person to The Home for Little Wanderers. Why: Thirteen miles burns 700 calories, which means … oh, just eat. The Anna's Walqueria is an annual WALKING half marathon, bringing participants into all six locations of Anna's Taqueria. Named by Boston Globe Magazine as one of the 10 most influential restaurants in the city, Anna's has locations in Brookline, Beacon Hill, Porter Square, Davis Square and Cambridge.

Through the generosity of Anna's Taqueria, this year’s Walqueria will be held in support of The Home. For each location a participant visits along the walk, Anna’s will donate $5. For everyone who completes the Walqueria, The Home will receive $30! And best of all, free food and drinks will be available at each stop!

Store Order: Beginning at 1412 Beacon Street, Beacon Hill, MIT, Porter Square, Davis Square, Harvard Street

  • Each walker will receive a pin-up number and punch card
    • At each stop, walker’s cards will be punched
    • Each punch is worth $5 to The Home
    • Cards can be collected throughout - so those that drop out still get to donate their punches!
  • Burritos will be free at the first and last location
  • At all other locations, Anna’s will provide chips, salsa, guacamole, quesadillas, lemonade and its signature Jamaica drink

Does that sound perfect or what?

A pin-up race number to add to my rapidly expanding wall of fame AND a FREE burrito!

See you guys at the starting line.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's that time of year again. When the family visits from Florida and mom turns 39 again.

Here we are from last night's dinner festivities.

In happy personal news I got myself all the ingredients for making the amazing Ember-inspired pomegranate martini at home. Corinne came over and made us batch after batch. Very delicious.

I want to post new art here but I am too busy making it!

So sit tight.

New things are a-coming!

Oh, and Happy August!

Who else is psyched that (fucking) July is over?

That must've been the hardest month I had all year.

Here's to seeing more beach time and more friend time.