Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SMO Mountain

Hulk Smash!

Hello, neglected blog!

My, we've been busy.

Ever have days like these?

I finally have some room to breathe.

I got myself a large format scanner so I can start importing my pages from the new Boston Marathon Comic, which is super exciting. We are on track to debut it at APE this year.

You comic book nerds out there know it's San Diego Comic Con this week out in sunny California.


We did the Stowe 8 miler this weekend up in northern Vermont. Many of the Slow Motion to the Ocean (SMO) girls were there. For those of you traveling in Greece right now, and the others that couldn't make it here are some photos of the weekend.

Our Amazing, hot tub house

Race started at 9am and it was already 90 degrees.

Beth showed me how to stretch it out.
She called this one the Traffic Stopper:

Hello Frogger!

Katie and I did the race-walk together. It was my first time ever walking a race. Katie kind of speed-walks which is much faster than I am comfortable striding but slower than I can comfortable jogging. It ended up that I did a few of the miles jogging backwards since at that speed we were pretty evenly matched.

Here we are crossing the line. SMO5-Tunnel!

The house was awesome. Big Meghan and I arrived late (10ish?) and half the ladies were already in bikinis in the hot tub (AH-mazing!) SO after scarfing down some homemade turkey chili (probably organic) and made-from-scratch cornbread I made myself a large tequila-limeade and slid into the tub.

Osa (the dog) had shot gun. We all squished in the back

We bubbled the night away naming ladies we would bang from Hollywood (The Nerd Queen Natalie Portman was of course on my list). Mila Kunis made an appearance, the character Idgie Threadgood (sp?) from Fried green Tomatoes was Beth's first ever girl crush, Kelly has a thing for Rubinoe, that Women's Soccer player? Meghan's was Ariel from the Little Mermaid (Red heads? REALLY? What is it with girls named Meg and red heads?!). We had so much fun.

NO you may not see the pictures.

We hung around, flexed:

Don't let the Nerd Glasses fool you

Cooked, drank, went to the beach. I have never in my life been so unprepared for the beach as I was this weekend. Probably because it was a lake, not a real beach, and probably beacuse I was in 'off-duty' mode, but whatever it was - IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!

All I brought was my little cup full-o' lemonade

We had no sandwiches, no ice, no cooler! no chairs, no books... it was bad.

But the race was fun.
And the weekend was amazing.

So here we are back again, making some comics and sipping Iced Teas.

Watch out guys it's going to be 106 today!

Good thing the Neen made homemade blueberry muffins this morning while it was still sort of cool out.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Diggers

Finally! Some art! I posted this page over at my DeviantArt account which has had the same travel page up for way waaaay too long. the thing is - I have been so happily making art I haven't had time to stop and post cool things.

But we ought to make the time to do these things, ought'n we?


It's install a Septic System week here at Matt's Auto!
We could use a fresh coat of paint

The big diggers have been hard at work all week long making holes and filling holes and slicing pavements and being awesome.

Look at those boulders!

Swimming pool?

Sand pit.

This is technically our vacation week, although I have spent precious little time on the beach. that is unusual for me but life got busy. I have no other explanation for it than that. Matthew was off camping in the mountains this week with his kids. They were completely off the grid with no internet or phone reception so of course my truck broke down.

Luckily JC saved the day.

I am luck to have such nice peeps in my life. Willing to take a break from their vacation to rescue me. Gratitude is a nice feeling to have on vacation.

It's a good thing I am here at the shop since the Men At Work need to get into the building to run pipes and cut holes and things. So, I have been able to gawk openly at their equipment (ha! unintentional innuendo!). They use female pronouns for the diggers they use. There's the 'Big Girl' and the really 'Big Girl' (She's a brute) and the little baby one that I like best.

She packs a punch, they tell me.

Anyway, today is Friday and it is raining. The thunder was booming this morning. The plan is to go hiking up in the New Hampshire mountains this weekend then hit up a birthday party. Maybe do the Dr. Sketchy's on Sunday at Great Scott?

If you are in the Boston area and want to draw naked ladies with me come on by.
I'm going to try and get there early.

2:30 - 5:30pm.