Friday, November 18, 2011

Mural Day Three

These pictures are all from yesterday's effort.

First I painted in some rivets.
Without shadows or effects they just sort of appear to be floating unanchored to the wall.
I used a warm brown which I hope will "pop" against the backdrop of the blue.

I've got electrician's currently diddling around in the bathroom so I am on hold presently, waiting for them to leave.

Yesterday, I added a bit of texture to the floating rivets .
This part is fun and free flowing.
I let the painting take me where it will.

Today I will paint in the base coat of the steel (or pewter or metal or bronze or whatever it looks like) and I think for that I am going to use a real paint brush, instead of my trusty Iwata Eclipse airbrush.


Here is a detail shot of the rivets.

Happy Friday everyone!

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