Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hot Tub 5 (NSFW)

Page 5

Here it is the last page.

Hope you have enjoyed my little recap of the hot-tub-fight-that-really-happened.

Also, on this night a lilac-colored bra was taken by the wrong party and returned to me (why me?) months later. The rightful owner had kissed that brassiere goodbye when I finally asked around to see if anyone was missing it.

These things amuse me.

I wonder if I should do more hot tub stories.
I have enough of them to fill a book, I'm certain.
You have done the hop-topless-out-of-a-hot-tub-in-a-snowstorm trick right?
Mine was to get the last bottle of wine out of the truck and MAN that ground was cold.
Also I slipped on the snowbank on the return trip.
Good times.

How about the house-sitting when the kid comes home and you are not alone in the hot tub trick? That one involves hopping out quickly and throwing pants on.

Oh, to be young again.


Are you moving your money on Saturday?

Don't sit still join the movement.


Nathan K said...

This is a brilliant series without being preachy. I'd love to see more, not that the idea of a hot tub full of naked women discussing the issues of the day is something I'd immediately go for, but you handle this with panache and make it seem more like being there than voyeurism.
Go, Tana!

jt ford said...

Thank you so much, sir! I'd like to do more work like this. I still feel like I am trying to find my bearings with this sort of storytelling but I'm not wrestling with it anymore. It seems to be happening naturally and that's a good thing, right?