Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day One - Layout

I spent the day yesterday making little gear stencils and mentally mapping out the kind of visuals I wanted to put on the bathroom walls. This morning I was ready to go early.

Here we have the collection of hand cut stencils I plan on using. Gears and belts and things.

And the paints and tools I'll be using. I find it helpful sometimes to see what folks use to make their art. The tools I take for granted might shed some light on what someone else is trying to figure out how to do.

Then I start masking things off and laying some outlines down.

I know I want to make the bathroom look as though certain part are riveted down, like you'd see on sheet metal, and I want some cut away panels that reveal gears in the walls. Mostly I'm hoping to keep the main color of the bathroom bright white (we don't have any windows in there and without natural light the more brightness, the better).

I get a rough outline of laid in.

And then I set about spraying in the gears and starting on some detail work.
Today is all about just roughing it in.

I go back in with a warm gray and start adding texture to the walls.

I drop some shadows in the places where I'm going to paint rivets and trail out some shadows.
This is just the base coat but it'll help give form to the final painting.

And Voila~!

At the end of the day we've got a good start, I think.

Back at it tomorrow.

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