Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back from APE!

ToOt! TOoT!

Hello BLOG!

Here's looking at YOU, San Fran.

And we are back from sunny San Francisco. The con went great, I met a TON of amazing folks, made some good art, had some excellent conversations and just enjoyed myself immensely. I also sold almost all the copies of the books I brought with me. So THAT's rad!

Alcatraz, as of Friday Sept. 30th

I spent Friday being a lonely tourist. I missed Matthew and went to all the places we went to last year. Somewhere I have a picture of him sipping a giant fruity cocktail in the middle of the afternoon and it perfectly captures the moment.


There were bears!
and BEARS:

plus me!

and Seals:

and Carousels:
(Well, just the one, really)

And a waterfall sculpture you could walk underneath on those little block in the water there:

The convention was awesome. I ran into my con-boyfriend from last year mister Daniel Touchet. It was love at first sight, again.

It's a cozy little show. We had a mighty fine time.

Here's a shot of my table before the con opened. I managed to unload all the little rubber duckies I came with. Hopefully they live with happy families now. I had plenty of room in my roll-y suitcase for books, books, books. I got some good finds for the flight home and for this weeks read-pile.

And, since I stayed on East Coast time the whole trip their 11pm was my 1am. SO, at 1am on Saturday night exhausted and happy, I took my pilfered white wine (See it in the water bottle? Sneaky, sneaky. Thanks Lief over at Mission Comics - you are awesome!) and my sushi (spicy tuna roll and a tuna/avocado/cucumber roll) to my room in the house I was crashing at and read through a whole stack of comics until I nodded off to sleep.

Until Next year San Fran!!

Now, Back to work!

***If you want to click through the rest of my pics, GO HERE!
peace out, blogosphere.****


MrsNguyen said...

I like the new site, the duck had to go!
Hey JT, I met you at SF APE and was wondering if you were going to NY Comic Con? I was the one who recommended a coupla cartoonists to you.
Julie Doucet "Dirty Plotte" and Roberta Gregory "Bitchy Bitch" The other person who you might like is Jen Camper "Juicy Mother" She will be at NY Comic Con, look her up.
I read Duck, the drawings are beautiful...wow.
Best wishes!

jt ford said...

Right?! I am the worst at technology! Especially how it relates to blogging.

Anywhoodle, HELLO! It was so very nice catching up with you at APE. If I do go to NYCC it'll just be for Sunday. I am trying to wheedle a friend into taking work off on Monday to go down with me.

Thanks for the kind words about Duck! Being my first book ever it always makes me blush.

Jennifer Camper I know but Julie Doucet I am looking forward to checking out. In the haze post-con I haven't had the chance yet. But I will!
talk soon!