Monday, June 20, 2011

Pride 2011

Pride 2011

We are doing art.

Boston Marathon Comic

Yes, we are doing art.

Boston Marathon Comic

And being June, my favorite of the summer months beacuse it is the BEGINNING of the summer season (and beginnings are my fave) the days are slipping by fast. I am up to my elbows in pages from the Boston Marathon Comic (some poorly pixelated phone pics of some of them here).

And I have another (Very AWESOME! Rather Secret!) book that I am working on currently. The good news is that I WILL be at this year's APE (October 1-2nd) in San Francisco! They opened up more tables and GOT IN> That's GREAT news! I hope to debut the Boston Marathon Comic and some other stuff there as well.

Boston Marathon Comic

In other non-art news I marched in this year's Boston Gay PRIDE Parade with a bunch of buddies of mine. We have a friend who works for UPS and they had a Flaming Gay Truck in the rainy day parade. Two years in a row we've been drizzled on. That's a bummer.

But everything else was awesome!

Why am I in a half-squat? Who knows!

We all met up ahead of time at the Parade staging area. the parade was set to kick off at 12:01pm but we didn't get going until 12:30 or so. I think they were waiting on the rain to let up. (Who knows?)

First we changed into our UPS shirts in the back of the Truck. It was nice to have some shelter from all the wet.

Beth spiked my coffee with a nip of Blackberry Bourbon which made it the best coffee on the planet. Someone had brought bead necklaces and I wound up with two that complimented my outfit nicely.

And we marched!

The route is 2 miles long but it goes by fast. too fast. Even though we were strutting the whole time. Alecia (single for all you ladies out there!) worked the crowd like a champ. We kept shouting all manner of profanity. "We always come on time!" and "What CAN'T Brown do for you?" and "Would you like this package delivered in the rear?" And a thousand other silly things.

The rain was never terrible. Last year it was a monsoon and we were SOAKED. This year everyone was just a bit damp, mostly. With frizzy hair.

Love the gay umbrellas

I had so much damn fun that afternoon.

Now, back to work.

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