Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flash Mob & The Rukus

Man! It has been as silent as the grave around this here blog lately hasn't it?

But you know what that means: I've been off doing stuff!

First thing was taking a week long Gay-cation to the Cape.

I'm in the blue tank in the way back row!

Me and a handful of my closest friends made our way to Provincetown for some good old fashioned dancing and drinking and devilry!

While in PTown we prepared a FLASH MOB(!) dance party to celebrate a friend's birthday and she was so surprised it was amazing.

Dancing was, of course, involved.

I can now check "Having Been in a Flash Mob" off the ole Bucket List.

Here's the video evidence.

(A lady keeps getting in the way but look past her and way at the back where you will see me, in the blue tank and sunglasses missing my mark at every turn. SUCH FUN!)

After Ptown was the Rukus Race!

A 4.5 mile obstacle course with mud pits and water pools and monkey bars and crawl nets and cargo nets and 10 foot walls we had to climb over and it was exhausting and so much fun!

My brothers and I all did the race. We had different start times, and Pat finished the fastest but we all had fun. I have the biggest blackest bruise on my thigh behind my knee where I flung my leg up (ungracefully) on the last 10 foot wall.

That's where I think it happened anyway.

Who can tell after so much bumping and scraping.

Action Jackson!

The twins did their own little mini Rukus race, mud and all. They had a blast. Overall it was quite the family affair.

Sekiah fell right FLOP! into the mud at the end and I couldn't have been more proud. My girl isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, literally!

We'll be back again next year fo' sho'.

And although there is a metric TON of artwork I could be posting I just got back from my vacation and you know how hectic life gets once you return. Give me a few days to get my feet -my bruised feet- back under me.

xTana the-flash-mobber.

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