Monday, May 16, 2011


Races, races and MORE races!

I just signed up for this year's RUKUS race which takes place in my home town. Mom told me this morning that BOTH of my little brothers are doing it this year. Last year I went to spectate while Johnny and Caitlyn destroyed it and I had my little niece and nephew register for the kids version.

Muddy and happy, everybody wins

Here they are flexing their muscles (elbows) for me:

Flex! Flex!

And I think this picture of them with their dad is adorbs:

Speaking of ADORBS -Team Captain Alecia wrote about our SMO trek on the City Sports blog!

Cape Relay 2011

And I quote:

Fortunately, I have compiled a list of the top 5 SMO down-time activities:
  1. Decorate your van. Luckily, we had Tana on our team; not only a solid anchor in the Runner 12 position, but an incredibly talented artist to boot!
  2. Stretch. With a physical therapist (Beth) and massage therapist (Amy) on the roster, we had all of our bases covered. Now who was the genius that put them in the same van… oh, right…
  3. Sleep. Let’s be serious, between the 2500+ runners along the course, ambitious neighborhood watch programs and cramped living conditions, no one is getting more than a catnap until this thing is over.
  4. Eat. You must fuel the machine. All the while, keeping in mind that at any time you are never more than 5 hours away from your next run. This led to many of us employing a “grazing” technique. Fortunately, our vans were stocked with the essentials- peanut butter & jelly, pretzels, apples, bananas, Clif Mojo Bars & Shot Bloks, gummy bears, trail mix, GU and plenty of water & Gatorade.
  5. Entertain. I know of many relay teams that recruit members based on their pace, cardio endurance or PR’s. Although there was no shortage of talent on team SMO, personality was the attribute that determined if you made the cut. Between the power mix cd’s, yoga practice, dance off’s, joke telling, story time, hi-5 tunnels, slow clap sessions and making friends with fellow teams I find myself wondering how we had time to run 189 miles.



I have signed up for the Bikes-NOT-Bombs 25 mile 'race.' A good fun time and a chance to hang out with my besties on bikes all day. For THAT race I need to raise $150 towards Bikes-NOT-bombs -which is a great cause and you should totally go support me.

HERE! Is the link.

What's $5 between friends?



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