Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Animal Kingdom!

SO much to report today.

First in OMG Wildlife news! Matt spotted a GREAT BLUE HERON this morning in the park next to our shop!What's up coolest bird in nature?

Here is a picture of a great Blue Heron I pulled off the internets. Looks the same, right?


I was talking about SERIOUS LIFE ISSUES when he said "Oh My God a Pterodactyl!" and ran outside. I grabbed my camera and took these snaps:

The Great blue Heron is the largest North American Heron, according to the Wikipedia entry.



Next up: Salty Dog day Care!

I have decided that it would be a marvelous thing to take mister Bailey to doggie daycare once a week. He lacks a certain something in the socialization department when it comes to liking other dogs, we have struggled with some submission-aggression issues in the past and (perfect timing!) John Michael works at the Salty Dog Daycare! Now seems like the perfect time.

I will admit I was a little worried when the room full of large wet dogs surrounded us sniffing and wet-muzzled and barkish. But as soon as Bailey wiggled by them and ran into the outdoor play pen everything was fine.

The dogs all got their sniffs in and started playing, chewing each other and peeing on things like big happy dogs do.

Who's a good boy Bailey?? YOU ARE!

Yes, you ARE!

And please do look at my SECOND favorite new puppy!
(You're still my main man Olliver):

I didn't catch her name but what a little black-and-white sweetie!
xoxoxo LOVE.


In other, less animally news, Meghan and I got in some much needed hang out time on Friday evening.

Because I haven't been spending enough time at home lately SuperGirl was ready to prevent me from leaving the house. (Yikes!)

I'll be home all the time once the sun comes out Sekiah!

But leave I did! Meg and I split a plate of (spicy!) Drunken Noodles (Chicken style) and a plate of Chicken Pad Thai (No bean sprouts) and an ice cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. The spicy drunken noodles blended with the sweet pad Thai perfectly to create exactly the meal I was craving that night.

Then we had some drinks and shots and played Pop-a-Shot at Mary Ann's (the most ghetto bar in all of Cleveland Circle!) where the nudie photo hunt game was WAY TOO STICKY (ewwww!) and also broken.

Meg can try but she won't win

WINNER = Tana!

And pop-a-shot is actually called HOOP FEVER but doesn't that just sound like the grossest name ever?

I think so.

A I just need to accept the fact that I can never go to CitySide bar. I was there for approximately 5 minutes got confused for a Yankees Fan/New yorker and managed to get a bartender nearly fired for drinking on the job (I didn't know that! I just asked him what was in the shot glass! ...as his boss was walking past. MY BAD!)


In sadder news my cousins grandmother died last week.

Mom, Pat and I went to the services.

It was good for me to be reminded of my mortality and how nothing in this life lasts, not even us. It was also really good for me to get to hold baby TJ during the mass. New life comes in even as we commemorate the passing of other lives.

Mom and Pat playing with Tana Junior at the reception

Pat's making a funny face but look at that tie! (#Superlike)

As a person who did not know their grandmother exceptionally well I would say they honored her life well. I walked away with a real sense of who this woman was and what she meant to her children and grandkids.


A for those of you actually interest in ART RELATED NEWS! I am hard at work at the Boston Marathon Comic about this year's record breaking race. It's part personal history, part race history and 100% awesome.

I don't have time to scan artwork right now but here are some pictures I just took with my phone:

They are a little dark but that's camera phones for you.

Until Next time!

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