Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Looks Good From Here

I'm back on the attack!

Outside the Acropolis

Greece was amazing. The moment we left the USA the student riots went into high gear and we stumbled right smack into the middle of a boat strike, the longest in a lifetime according to the locals, and were stuck on the island of Paros for a few days longer than initially planned.

Even with all that it was absolutely, breathtakingly, fantastic.

We made it by on the kindness of strangers, the people at the inn in Meteora arranged a moped rental for us after hours when the owner of all the mopeds had left for "Motocross" or somesuch.

The kind lady outside the airport on Paros, who recognized we were clueless American tourists told us to sign our names on the waiting list so we could get onto the only plane that was leaving the island that day.

There were stray cats and (large!) homeless dogs everywhere. There was also graffiti everywhere. Outside ancient monuments and along the crumbling walls of antiquity, a sort of cultural slamming of the new and problematic with the old and beautiful.

Still, once you got outside of the city, it was amazing.

Here is Meghan taking pictures of us on the moped in Paros. At first I am not ready, then I am mad because she keeps clicking pictures. I made that middle face a lot on this trip.

I climbed so! many! stairs! and mountainsides, and island roads, and my ass feels fantastic. I just have to tell you. Seriously, go on vacation to a place where you have to climb around all day in the most epic surroundings you can find and when you get home your legs and bottom will feel like they are 23 again. I am flexing my cheeks for you now...

Meghan was fun to travel with. We got along splendidly. She only snapped at me once, telling me it was my hair that was blowing in her face. Please do see the film evidence below:

My hair? Oh, Really.

It had been a rather stressful day and I was, by that point, drinking wine out of a plastic bottle at roughly 9 in the morning (it was 2am here, drinking wine at 2am is a perfectly acceptable practice). We were not sure we would ever make it off Paros-catraz, our island prison, and so tensions were high.

At the monasteries we had to wrap long skirt over our pants (all the ladies had to) and here, for your viewing pleasure is me in a dress:

Also, rather remarkably, no one, not a single person in all of Greece thought I was a dude. I am constantly mistaken for a guy in the USA, especially when I am entering a women's bathroom. Ladies routinely do a double take, or check the sign over the door to make sure they are in the right place and rather often waiters will address me as "sir."

Not once this happen in Greece. It was so strange to me. And sort of cool.

Across the street from Hadrian's Arch

It was the perfect way for me to celebrate my arrival in the 30's. What some folks argue is the best decade of your life. I have to say, from this vantage point, things are looking pretty good so far.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

(who is older than rocks)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well folks, I'm off to Greece! To celebrate my 30th birthday.

Be good until I get back - I hope you have something fun and inspiring to do in all of your lives.

Think of me on the 21st, y'all.



(We'll be back online November 29th)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Out of Her Pens

I have the most amazing friends.

Miss Katie C made a biography in 30 short panels of my whole life.

And she drew it on an envelope that held 30 never-before-read poems (does this girl know me, or what?)

she also got me a book, but I am most excited about the drawing (of course!).

Of note are:


Me drawing on the walls at age 2 (I thought she put me in a cracked out room or something. turns out I'm holding a crayon.)

Patrick toddling around at age 3.

My rabbit Thumper beside me in a snow fort age 7 (wearing a winter hat)

Tweeter in a bird cage playing on the monkey bars, age 9

My first boyfriend taking me to a dance (notice my look of unease)

My "mad ups" at age 12 (I still pretty much look like that when attempting to "shoot some hoops")

Hubbard's Cupboard! age 17

My glasses and rat tail (!) at age 19 when Katie and I first met as Field Hockey goalies. We shared but one, very sweaty helmet, for every game.

Age 20. True story. Katie was for a long time the only girl to ever deny me a kiss! I leaned in --SHE LEANED AWAY! (wtf?! Katie?)

She is also the only lady to ever break my motorcycle. (The truth is I was a bit tired, I lifted the bike off it's kickstand and slowly, very slowly, dropped it to the ground where upon I broke a directional signal and it's light bulb. For a long time Katie C would NOT STOP APOLOGIZING ABOUT it!)

Age 26. My little bambinos. Love, love, love.

Age 27. The leaning pyramid of Giza (ha!)

And now, today. Bang-a-Left studios and my world famous book.

I am the luckiest. Thank you Katie C!


And (as if you didn't know) in two days I will be in GREECE!


And I know what you are thinking. "Thumper?" "Tweeter?" Yes, I did name my own animals as a child and yes it is a miracle Bailey was not named "Barker" and Cody was not named "Sounds Like Chewbaka."

Peace out muthaeffers!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Belle Glade 1, 2, 3

I present to you: Belle Glade One, Two, Three.

"Her soil is her fortune."

This series seems somewhat apropos, given the weekend I've had.

But! It's only two days until I leave for Greece and it is one mad race to tie up these loose ends.

Back at it!

Happy Tuesday!

(Only 5 more days of my twenties left, eek!)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Belle Glade

I'm dropping page 2 on you before I actually drop page one but whatevs!



If you are looking for me this weekend I'll be doing birthday shots at Baseball Tavern Saturday night. Then it's time to get your dance on. We've got a "Kiss The Tana" booth set up to earn some extra cash before I leave for Greece so swing by and support a traveling artist!


Speaking of which, a week from RIGHT NOW I'll be making my way through the streets of Athens. The countdown to the big one has begun!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Programming Note

I am having quite the day so far.

I sort of thought I might, which is why, in my infinite wisdom I chose to wear this shirt today. I don't know how much of this mood I am in has to do with turning 30 in a week or with the clocks being turned back (which means it's dark when I leave the house and dark, oh, right now, at 3:22 in the afternoon... fuckers) but whatever it is I am over it.

Or I want to be over it.

Sooner than later!

In the meantime, here are some Programming Notes (which here means "updates"):

I added a DONATE button and a PAY NOW button there on the side bar (--->).

Please do see.

Would you like to read an 11 page preview of Duck! An Original Graphic Novel?

Well, then just click HERE, silly.

And would you like to download the ENTIRE 117 page story for your own viewing pleasure?
Than simply click that PAY NOW button, find $5 bucks to send my way and you can have the whole darn thing all to yourself.

Please be advised, I am a technical doofus and I have not figured out how to automatically send you a link to the downloadable version of Duck! (as a .pdf) when you buy it for the low, low price of $5 (Just $5 bucks!), instead, I'll send you the link where you CAN download the book, to an email address of your choosing - all for you!

(At least until I get less-dumb about all things internetsy and figure how to generate a link.)

AND if you want me to do a little fancy comic just for you (or at least about what i do with your financial contributions) click that Donate button and discover what adventure your hard earned cash has sent me on this week! It'll almost certainly involve booze and broads.

That's about it, folks.

I'm sure it's glitchy but it's just a start. I am only one (computer illiterate) girl trying to make her way in this digital world.

Now, go download my book!

Or go analog and order the real thing. I'll even draw you one kick ass doodle in the front cover.
Anything you want.
Try me.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sports Brars

Today's comic comes with a slight disclaimer:


Consider yourselves warned.

Don't you just HATE that?

After talking to Katie and Meg it seems like a lot of women have these same troubles.

I am not in the group of people who ENJOY bras ("brars" in Bostonian) doubling as pockets, but it seems like a pretty common thing.

I really need to find that clip-on, all-weather ipod case though. Gross as it might be the "river of boob sweat" I mentioned is a legitimate thing. I sweat like a squealing piglet, y'all.

Off to ink some more pages for the travel book - look for it coming out ---eventually!



Monday, November 8, 2010


Chess? Rubik's Cube? Weep before my mental prowess!

I am in the process of changing some things around.

Figuring out how to do that exactly is pushing my mental faculties into places I don't like to go (web design? down-loadable .pdf links? Aw, crap, I suck at this stuff!)


On the hit list is a down-loadable version of Duck! and a new name for my art studio.

I am thinking of calling it Bang a Left Studios since I am big ole Leftie when it comes to my politics and beacuse I am a through-and-through Bostonian. "Bang a left" is one of those geographically specific colloquialisms like "Wicked pissa" and "Pahk the cah at Havard Yahd."

From universal hub we have this here explanation:


Make an abrupt left turn (see hook for the right-turn equivalent): "He went to bang a left and take a uey but lost control." For more normal turns, the appropriate word is "hang."

Perhaps there are other places in the great wide U.S.A. that say "Bang a left" but so what? I like it.

There's also a sexual innuendo tucked nicely in there as well. Bang a Left - I'm a leftie? Get it?



One of my faves from that boston-speak website is "PSDS."


What you get when you want to wear earrings.

Reuven Brauner submits the following similar examples: We saw BSNDS at the zoo in Franklin Park. We bought it at CS and Roebuck's. Mother always said, "Don't forget to wash behind your ES." The Boos and GS got to Mantle. PS are a juicy fruit. Crying causes TS. This car VS to the left.

I did end up going to Webcomics Weekend out in Easthampton and it was awesome!

I got to talk Lucy Knisley's ear off and later, ran into her roommate Nora the same woman that made my amazing secret wallet in the food line and accosted her for awhile. It was loads of fun and she was a good sport answering my questions and regaling me with tales of saved kitties. turns out we know some of the same people (I'm looking at you All The Kings Men).

I also got to meet Kate Beaton who was such a good sport with the line waiting for her to sign books snaking it's way down the long hallway. Poor thing. People taking pictures and videos of her drawing. She was wonderfully warm to all her fans though. I hope she got a break to get herself some tea.

I got myself 4 new teeshirts, 5 new awesome comic books and 2 patches (that I plan on ironing on to my travel bag for Greece!).

The only thing I regret slightly is not having an actual conversation with Erika Moen and Dylan Meconics. I met those ladies back at APE and figured since I bought practically all of their wares it wasn't worth it to wait in line to see them. They always seem to attract a crowd. Anyway, today on this rainy Monday morning I wish I had (though I don't know what I would have said).

So that's that.

Greece is only 11 days away! (Yikes!) and this week is the big gay dance party at the MACH-ine on Saturday and Jspot at the JJ on Friday night. Come out and buy me a birthday shot, you all!!

After all, the clock is ticking on my ability to say I am in my twenties (truthfully) for much longer.

Stay dry out there!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autobio beginning

I am trying out this new autobiographical bend in my art.

I'm not really sure where this path will lead me but we are going to find out together, fair reader!

Here is our first installment.

And I am still looking for a hot date to Webcomics Weekend! Any takers?

Meg is busy running a half marathon, Katie's got aunts in town visiting and Matthew just flat said NO! (apparently I've dragged him to far too many comic conventions lately).


Somebody be my goddanged date!

It'll be fun, I promise!

I'll buy the booze!

C'mon, you know you wanna'...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WebComics Weekend Anyone?

I am dusting off my "Don't Blame Me, I Voted in Massachusetts" bumper sticker.

Here is my buddy Mumbles (also known as Barney Frank, the out gay legislator) saying it's time for the Republican's to actually produce legislation instead of hiding behind the complaint that they are the party out of power.

And HERE is a great video of his victory speech that I cannot find the embed code to, where he talks about being the first openly gay man in politics, the toll that takes on his spouse, and (hilariously) calls the Boston Herald insignificant.



And I JUST found out that this weekend is Webcomics Weekend out in Northampton Mass! Which is practically my own backyard.

I had not planned to go to Western Mass this weekend but can I really let so many of my fave artists come this (---><---) close and not go say hello? Or at least go buy their stuff? I think that I cannot! So who is down for a little road trip? Anybody? On the list of faves is:

Kate Beaton!

Erika Moen

Lucy Knisley

Jeffrey Rowland

MC Frontalot (who I bet is awesome live)

Joey Comeau

Dylan Meconis

Danielle Corseto

And so, so many more.


Now the real question is, will Scaredy Pants Tana be brave enough to go it alone (hell no!) or will she be able to find some fun-loving friend to agree to spend the day with her at a geeky webcomic festival where she can gush over all the artists she admires.

Stay tuned and see!


Also there's only 15 more days until I leave for Greece!

Peace Out United States!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day!

Happy Midterm Elections everyone!

I just got back from voting but you've still got all day to get down to your local precinct.

HOORAY for Civil Liberties!

Hallowe'en 2010 was AWESOME. The babies are the perfect age for this holiday now. We hit up every house on this block and the next. Josh was a ninja (StormShadow for you GI JOE fans out there) but he forgot his mask AND his sword at home. Which was 90% of his costume. But we made the best of the situation. Taela was a super scary Zombie Bride Vampire thingie. Her costume got even creepier when I donated my new blond wig to her ensemble.

No wig meant no Malfoy repeat for me this year so I donned the Day of the Dead skeleton get up Marae made last year which I also wore (complete with crazy face paint) to the Pub Roll 2.0. I'll post pictures of Pub Roll as soon as they get posted someplace. I did not have a camera and therefore cannot contribute.

We had a neighborhood costume party on Sunday afternoon. John borrowed my leftover army shirt from Cabaret and looked very dashing. Patrick and Mr. Bear were at the Patriots game sow e didn't get a chance to see them but it was a pretty exciting game to go to. Bad Brian carried around an AM/FM radio to listen to the 4th quarter when it was time to Trick-or-Treat which was rather amusing.

Another amusing fact was that the Johnsons all walked the Trick-or-Treat trail for just one baby. Callie, a 2 year old baby, had an entourage of roughly 12 fully grown adults. It was sweet.

Here is Kiah in my wig!

And here is the whole bunch of us (minus Crin* who is taking the picture) ready to go.

And remember you guys, GET OUT AND VOTE!



*"Crin" is how you pronounce "Corinne" in Massholian