Monday, October 25, 2010

The Prism Grant, Now on Video!

So in today's installment of awkward, hard-to-watch Tana moments I give to you:

The Prism 2010 Queer Press Grant Official Announcement

I am such an unknown that no one on the panel even realized I was in the audience.

As you can see the videographer starts to zoom in on the other grant winner, the inimitable Jon Macy, assuming I'm sure, that they were going to announce him first.

In the video I am bleary-eyed and ecstatic, both.
And even just watching this video from the comfort of my studio I'm shaking a bit with gratitude (and possibly embarrassment).

An excerpt from the PRISM Comics' article about the grant goes as follows:

"This year, we received the highest number of submissions ever," said Justin Hall, Prism's Talent Relations Chair and previous Queer Press Grant recipient (...) "We also noticed a leap in the quality of storytelling and art which was extremely heartening, even though it made it extremely difficult to single out one person. Luckily, the vote produced a tie once again this year!"

J.T. Ford's Duck is a graphic novel that follows the lives of two lesbians embarking on an impromptu road trip across America. At turns hilarious and poignant, Duck explores the nature of love, the power of friendship, and where the best cowgirl bar is in Austin. Although printed copies of Duck are already available through Ford's blog at, the Grant will assist her in getting copies into the hands of reviewers, comic shops and readers.


I sincerely hope YOU will be one of those readers or comic shop owners or reviewers they mention at the end.

For more information drop me a line at duckacomic(AT)gmail(DOT)com or click that link at the top right of the page to buy a copy for yourself.

Hurry! There are precious few of the first edition Duck!s left on the shelf.

If anyone is looking for me I'll be over in the corner swooning and feeling really, really, small.



Nathan K said...
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Nathan K said...

Emerging from the audience is so "Oscars". You couldn't be presented to new audiences better.

BTW, thanks for the Matisse quote and the inscription art! The quote goes up on my desk so I can read it every day. The comic will be by my bedside so I can read it and review. You are so cool! Thanks so much!

jt ford said...

You are very welcome! Thanks for reading Duck! I hope you like and continue supporting fledgling artists in the field! xo Tana