Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Year: New Piano!

New Year: New Blog Look!

Last night was Piano Club at Jane's House and I had so much fun.
I don't have a piano at home but that is going to change soon and when it does- WATCH OUT SHOW TUNES!

This past month has been a rocky one for me. In Tana-land I hit a rock wall with my girlfriend, my family fell apart in places and the bottom dropped out at work. Since then, though, we have been able to put the pieces back together on almost every front and I am approaching the mark of the New Year with more hope and much less despondency. Come on 2010! I like nice even numbers anyway.

Have you been watching Rachel Maddow? The Kill-the-Gays bill in Uganda has gotten quite a lot of coverage and if you haven't heard about it check this out. It's a segment called "Uganda be kidding me".

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Can you imagine hanging someone for being gay? Now, in 2009? Way to go American evangelicals. Way to make the world a better place.

How frustrating.

Anyway, I think I going to do yoga for the first time ever on Friday! I don't have yoga pants so I'll probably just wear underpants. (Kidding) Should be a good time.

There is a new blog format going up in January, too! I am excited about starting fresh. There'll be sketches and artwork and maybe even videos embedded - who knows?!

In the meantime I am back at it.
the holidays are FAST approaching.