Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holy Horse-Shoes!

Handsome Guy!

They're all done!

Nothing ever comes out exactly the way you expect it to and being an artist you learn to roll with the punches and see where the design takes you. In this case I had a little "help" from my mom who demanded I NOT use the Boston Red Sox grey and blue travel uniforms on the horseshoes since it makes us look "too much like the Yankees."

Instead I went with the lucky leprechaun look.
Here is the finished product:

I just have to decide on an embellishment design for AP's moms sign and pick up the next down hill mountain bike helmet sometime next week. Remember last years design?

In the midst of all this Hooray-My-Paint's-Thawed-Out hub bub I haven't had a chance to work on DUCK! the past couple of days. But fear not, we're full steam ahead, ironing out the sequencing decisions and writing the last few scenes.

Also! This weekend is supposed to be perfect gardening weather! If it gets too hot I am heading to the beach!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Shop Cleaning!

Cleaning the workbench. In process

Well it's that time again! That wonderful time of year when the temperature rises and my paints thaw out and I can literally clean the cobwebs off my art stuff and get back to business.

Already this year I have several projects on my plate. Technically, some of them are last year's leftovers. I dallied too long before finishing them and then it was too late. On the docket are the cement garden frog and a house sign. Both are underway.

I have also decided to paint a set of horseshoes that had been left out in the salty cold New England weather all winter. I sandblasted all the rust warts and nastiness off the poles and shoes with a little help from E-Raff (okay, she did ALL the blasting) then I cleaned them with grease-remover (I use a PPG brand) then primed them and tomorrow I will be painting them.

Propped up and Primed

One set I want to do in the Boston Red Sox away jersey colors and the other in the regular red and blue. The poles I painted white and trailed with red laces to resemble the stitching on a baseball. If all goes well they'll look pretty sharp out there on the beach this summer.

Right now it looks sort of Candy-Caneish...

I've been on a bit of a gardening tear this past week or so. I dreamt last night about pruning rose bushes which is a distinct way to tell that you've become obessessed by something: it follows you into your dreams. Other things I have dreamed about? Madonna, video games, and South Park. I don't feel a particulalry strong connection to any of those things but there you go. The strange subconscious.

And if my life of 90 degree weather in April, beach days and peach iced teas couldn't get any better, this weekend the babies were extra adorable.

Looks like Auntie Tea might have to get them a ride around outside toy this summer...



Friday, April 24, 2009


Hey Y'all.

There are some exciting things in the works for the book.
I am probably not going to be posting much text in the next few weeks but with any luck (and a lot of hard work) we'll have some art updates!

Keep it real.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marathon 09

Ryan Hall!

I wouldn't say the Marathon was a total bust but it wasn't what I had hoped.

The race itself was exciting. I watched from just before the finish line on Boylston street where the crowds were 7 people thick. I crammed my smallest self into a nook between some folks who had set up chairs and from what I overheard one of them was waiting for her husband to pass by. She was going to meet him later in the family
staging area under 'K'. I hadn't known there was a family staging area but that made sense. There are what seem to be miles and miles of barricades in and around Copley Square, the Boston Public Library (which I have still never been in) and the Trinity Church.

As far as the race itself things were looking terrific. The American's came in 3rd both in the Men's and Women's categories. I fell in love with Kara Goucher and that bible-thumping eccentric Ryan Hall (Pictured above). They both ran the Boston for the very first time and both finished in 3rd place. The highest spot any American has seen in years and years. The pretty and very fast Oregoneian was disappointed in her performance. Joan Benoit Samuelson (arguably the greatest distance runner America has ever produced) said to Kara after the race, was "You've experienced Boston now, you'll know what to do." This article was pretty funny, calling the NY Marathon the JV race. Boston is the best there is. The grandfather of all American marathons and speaking of grandfathers...

My great-grandfather J.J. Kennedy came in 2nd in the 1902 Boston Marathon. We have the silver cup at home to prove it. My dad (who is a large man) likes to pat his substantial stomach and say it's all genetics, "You're looking at the coming attractions, kid." with a wink.

Someday I will run the Boston marathon.

Even if it takes me hours and hours to do it.

Even if I look like this by the time I am done:

Go Granny, GO!

I have made a pact with myself to absolutely enjoy every moment of the race next year. I want to plant myself in Kenmore Square or somewhere along Beacon Street where the runners first see the Citgo sign and begin the last long miles home. Someplace I can stand and scream and wince when the bloody nipples stagger by.

So if you want me, that's where I'll be.

Bring the six pack, I'll meet you there.

Tana out.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a Shock

I have to preface this by saying I think American Idol is a load of rubbish.
British Idol is probably no better although I've never seen a full episode of either show, unless you count the finale last year that played in Costello's alongside the Red Sox game after softball had finished for the night. (For the record I don't count that, I was watching the Sox, but it was on so technically...)

In any case, I finally watched this at the behest of Matthew and it nearly brought tears to my eyes.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Kill a Mocking bird?

There is a Get fuzzy comic that has Bucky reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Rob walks by saying "That's not a how-to book, you know." and Bucky says "Oh. I thought it was a little off topic."

There are so many books in the world, some that I know I might love if I just give them a chance but lately I haven't read anything worth a damn. This is not beacuse of the lack of good material (Right now for instance, I have The Misfits sitting on my bedside table alongside a borrowed copy of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, both promise to be excellent, neither one has been opened in weeks).

I will however crack the spines on books I have already read quite often. I flip through Mockingbird a lot these days, mostly beacuse it's sitting next to me at my desk, beside this here iced tea and my Wacom tablet.

If you are wondering, that half eaten gob on the napkin is the bottom half of a cranberry muffin. I'm not going to finish eating it. I pick out the parts I like and leave the rest. This habit is not reserved exclusively for food, either, so beware. Also, sadly, Bailey is not here today to help me finish things up. He is (to quote from the movie Juno) the cheese to my macaroni and truth be told I miss having his whimpering squeaky-door-hinge dogginess around the shop all day. If this bicycle thing is here to stay (as it appears to be) I'll just have to figure something out.

The plan for the week is to finish up the set of ten pages I am working on now for DUCK, (we are right on track for the finished-art-in-August deadline) then work on a band poster for the Callie Lipton Band, then practice my piano skills (my fingers actually feel more intelligent these days).

Trying to learn something completely new as an adult is HARD. I'm sure the trick is to just stick with it and pray my music teach doesn't move away. Twenty years from now I'm going to be AWESOME at the piano.

Meantime, enjoy the weather.
April is halfway over can you believe it??

Have you registered for the GUR yet?
You better DO it.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Break it Down!

If you need me I'm be rolling on the floor laughing.

This is just so rad!

God, I hope that kid grows up to be a legit dancer.

As for me it's good Friday and I doing what every good non-believer does - I'm having sushi for lunch with Iced Tea! Hooray! Followed by a very late piano lesson.

I've been thinking I should be posting art here so I'm going to start doing that again. I've got a drum set I'll be airbrushing, and that garden frog from awhile back, and a set of horseshoes that I believe I'll be putting Red Sox-ish things on -but first! AP's mom's house sign. What is that - about a year late?

My paints should be thawing out nicely in the next few weeks.
And next year! An insulated studio space. I swear it!

But first, Hoppy Easter You All!
Hope you can spend it with your loved ones.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SO, Do, La, Fa, Mi, Do, Rae

This video is awesome.

Watch it all the way through beacuse the people who are just standing by jump in. Who's in on it?! Who isn't? You've got to love the human condition.

If you aren't humming by the end of this video, something's wrong with you.

I'm going to make time to see Watchmen soon.
I swear it!

And so far this season the Red Sox are undefeated. Let's see if The Rays get their shit together for tonights game. Have fun at Fenway Tina! I'll be watching from under the blankets on my couch circa 7:05pm. Bowl of pupcorn soon to follow!

Peace out!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wolverine slays Changeling

Can you guess what my new desktop background is?

(Get your own HERE!)

It's time for Opening Day -Take 2.

First pitch is being thrown out by Senator Ted Kennedy (if he's feeling well enough) at 4:05pm.
I actually like this start time better since I can scoot out of work and plant myself on the couch to watch the whole thing unfold.

I'm not feeling 100% today. I'm crampy, achy, complainey and generally just feeling blah.
Could it be I have a case of the Monday's on Tuesday?
The sun is trying its damnedest to peek out and the skies are baby blue with fluffy white clouds which is promising. My mood might come around after all.

And did you hear about that massive movie leak on the internets where the Wolverine film was released? All I have to say is I might have seen it, I might even have my own copy, and you might even be able to borrow it if you ask nicely. I give it two gigantic thumbs up. It was campy in the same ways that the other Xmen movies are, but the plot held up where the last few fell flat (especially X3 which was absolutely trash -save for the cool moment when Colossus went silver skinned). Wolverine stayed true to the continuity of the story lines while bringing in some awesome new incarnations of characters like Sabertooth and (spoiler!) Deadpool; played by Ryan Reynolds who was terrific! Also, Ryan, I love your ex-girlfriend. (Hi, Alanis! The album was totally worth the break-up in my opinion, but of course a broken heart is a terrible thing. Glad you're feeling better!)

Liev Schreiber makes a great Sabertooth as well.These guys have the facial hair DOWN!

As I said to Erika and Brian last night, Hugh Jackman's eyebrows alone make him the best possible candidate for playing Wolverine. He should get royalties or something for the eyebrow acrobatics he performs in this adventure. It's amazing!

Here's the Trailer: Ooo! Exciting.

Lastly, Angelina Jolie's movie The Changeling was so unspeakably terribly that I hardly made it through half the movie last night. Did anybody like that waste of energy? I mean, what was the point of making that movie? To display the powerlessness of women in some 2000's interpretation of the late 1920's? Was it intended to be a period piece, hence the roller skates and trolleys? It was a terrible, waste of time, wretched experience.

I highly recommend missing this one.
(Tana out)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day!

Rain, rain, go away!
Don't you know?
It's Opening Day!


Opening Day was canceled!
The game will be made up April 7th at 4:05pm
so much for rain, rain go away...


The first pitch is being thrown out today at 2:05pm which is the same time the first rain drop is expected to fall. How will I listen to the game? Who will stream it for me online? Where is my little clock radio when I need it?


I hope you all got a chance to enjoy the weather out there this weekend. It was gorgeous but a little windy. I took Bailstorm for a 2 hour walk in the Arboretum followed up by some chicken and steak fajitas at Border Cafe (with a frozen strawberry margarita, of course). I got a nap in, had a cupcake (more of a berry crumble with cream cheese and berry swirls complete with black berry on top-DELICIOUS!), went to the Comic Shop (for PROOF book 2. I liked it!) made my way through Davis and Porter squares for dinner, had some delicious lettuce wraps and walked home. Crashed out about 9 I think and this mornign I am STARVING!

Who wants a breakfast sandwich? I do! I do!

I also want to be going to Portland Oregon for Stumptown comics this coming weekend but I can't afford to travel. And it's Easter.

I have production-envy about this. Look at all those books about comics for sale!


Anyway busy Monday.
More on OPENING DAY to COme.


you lucky dog, you!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Roar, Baby.

They say that March is in like a lion and out like a lamb.

They say nothing however, about the wet.

I rode to work today in the drizzle which wasn't bad.
I listened to Sweet Caroline (softly, of course, beacuse I want to be able to hear the traffic around me) and wondered about this coming Red Sox season. With the car crisis I wonder if my Red Sox ticket contact at the car dealership will still be there. What will I do if it isn't?

Corinne went up last year with both Tae and Josh just on a whim to see if they could find some last minute tickets to get in and she ended up in a lodge box behind home plate. Where there's a will there's a way. And I'm not fussed.

Have you seen Rachel Maddow over at Mother Jones magazine online?
Here she talks about what drink she would've fixed for Lincoln and it leads me to wonder what the heck applejack is...

In any case here we are at the 2nd day of April, 2009 and I'm on my 2nd glass of iced tea and with any luck (and a lot of damned hard work) I'll be wrapping up another 5 pages of DUCK which I have to admit, have been the hardest so far.

Isn't this stuff supposed to get easier as you go along?

My Wall

Pasted to the wall behind my monitor are a few inspiration poems and quotes that I defer to in times of need. My current selection includes the poem For The Young Who Want To by Marge Percy, the Sources poem by Nikki Giovanni we talked about a couple weeks ago, a Walt Whitman magnet poem and this quote:

"Derive happiness in oneself from a good days' work, illuminating the fog that surrounds us." -Henri Matisse.

I have a thing for quotes.

I also have a thing for surrounding myself with quotes.

In the back room which was once my office, also a spray booth, eventually a storage space and now Matt's office I decorated the walls with quotes. I have a big black book I used to transcribe all the quotes I liked in but I began smattering my journals with them instead. Anyway, here's a little peek inside my cobwebby unused back-room world.

Lose hope all ye who enter here.

That whole room needs a nice spring cleaning. Do you ever get the feeling that you wind up moving stuff from one place to another temporarily? I want to believe that every year I get a little more organized and cut through the mess. This year I'm going clean crazy! I mean it!

I'm a huge Tom robbins fan. We all know this. the above quote comes as no surprise then.

Enough dallying for today. Nose to grindstone time.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's!!

Remember that snowstorm back in 1997? We got about 2 and a half feet here in Marshfield. Canceled school and if I remember correctly it was one of the last times I ever went sledding. Corinne and I were in high school together and she drove us over to the Marshfield Country Club where we dragged some sleds to the 10th Tee which seemed a lot smaller now that I was 16.


Remember that Google thing I mentioned?
They're at it again!

This morning when I logged on there was a prankster message about CADIE the new autopilot program for email. It scans all your messages and responds appropriately. (I read CADIE like it's a golf caddie, helping you out.) Here's a screen shot of the type of (hilarious) responses it might give to say, your therapist... or your girlfriend. ("Conclusion: Terminate relationship")

In the past they've spoofed on-line dating and turning the convenience of email into real mail. If that sort of thing interests you find it all HERE. My favorite by far of all the Google Hoaxes has been the Beer Goggles from Google bit they ran. They had this to say about Beer Goggles for Google:

"Basically, activating this feature (you can change to whatever settings you want) will force you to answer some math questions before you can send the email … this is designed both to show you that your mental state might not be right at the time and to make you think longer before you hit the dreaded “Send” button."

They sure are funny, those Google guys.

For those of you who haven't joined the ranks of the Gmail army what are you waiting for?
In all seriousness it sorts your mail and has a built in chat program and a powerful search engine so you can always find that address of the Realtor you rented from in Ptown last year or that number Katie gave you once upon a time (although it's way more fun to constantly be asking her for her address whenever you have to send her something new which, these days, hasn't been much admittedly) Jump on the band wagon kids!


I rode my bike to work for the first time ever today. I felt like a dork almost the whole way. I'm sure that'll go away over time. And as the weather warms up it's only going to get more enjoyable. The downside is that Bailey-bits can't come to work with me until I can either figure out how to take him with me via running-alongside or get a trailer tent on wheels and carry him behind me. Now THAT'll be a work out. He's got to weight 55 pounds anyway. Porker.

And hey, PSSST!
Remember that time I got to play ball in Fenway Park?
The season opener is this Monday at 2:05pm.

If you're looking for me I'll be parked on a bar stool at Magoun's Saloon with a beer and wings and a smile on face baby. Bring on the Red Sox baby, I'm ready for it!

That's me pretending to shag balls on the ACTUAL Green Monster!


Finally, in the New News to Report section I signed up for my second race ever The Great Urban Race, Boston. Teams of 2 solve 12 clues and hop around the city using only their two feet and occasionally public transit where necessary. It's a great way to see Boston and to have fun. I HIGHLY recommend signing up for it! (I'm looking at you Katie and Beth!)

That is all.
tana out.