Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At least I can look the part, even if I don't ever ride my toe edge.

Snowboarding was so fun.
We had a house full of about 16 people and drank and laughed the night away. There was a fireplace, a pool table, a bar in the basement. I went down the big mountain only once, then the bunny hill two more times, made every muscle in my body SORE SoRe sOrE and shacked up in the Lodge with a couple of beers - Shock Top Belgian White Ales to be exact.

I think Matt had a good time. We sat around drinking in one gigantic group for awhile at the Lodge then trekked back in the darkness across the ice to find my Jeep. We made it back to the cabin in time to throw together some pasta and meatballs, 2 big loaves of garlic bread and crack some beers. I brought along some Captain and Ginger which I nursed mostly until I fell asleep watching My Cousin Vinnie, a movie I could watch anytime.

By the time I rallied everyone else who hadn't napped was about ready to turn in for the night. (I can really clear a room!) But Kerina nd Tina and Kerry and I stayed up awhile and talked lounging on strangely patterned couches and leather topped bar stools. Kerry actually laid down on the pool table and talked to us from there.

Some older aldies at the table behind us asked if we were all lesbians at some point deep into the drinking. I remember being somewhat surprised by this thinking 'Do we really look that gay?' Looking back I can see that the answer is in fact 'Yes. yes we do.'

Sunday morning we made a huge breakfast of about 4 pounds of bacon, some turkey sausage, eggs, french toast, maple syrup, orange juice, drank the last 2 pots of coffee in the house (I was on a mission to steal sugar packets from the Lodge but didn't grab nearly enough. NOTE to SELF: steal condiments THEN start drining, not the other way around!). We picked at the Globe crossword puzzle that had been floating around since Friday night which we still hadn't finished and then cleaned up and left.

All in all it was a relaxing fun time. Big thanks to Corinne for putting it all together two years in a row. Next year I'm rocking my toe edge if it kills me!

(Fingers crossed that it won't)

Friday, January 23, 2009



Bleakness overridden!
Good news lives!
Color returns to the world and brings beauty with it.
Now I am ready to go to the mountain. But first I shall stop for a chicken parm sub and some 'beverages'. It is definitely going to be a Captain and Ginger kind of night.

And look at the new addition to our happy Matt's Auto Service family:
JC's 4 month old Boxer named Ducati. (Quick story: the babies came by earlier with Papa Jack and since they are still on one syllable words 'Ducati' became 'Duke" (or 'ouk' if you want to get really technical) but to avoid any gender confusion I changed 'Duke' to 'Duchess'. It's not shorter but who says nicknames have to be. I mean, is that, like, a rule?)A bit blurry but that's what you get with cell phones.

Isn't she sweet?

Off to the liquor store and heading up to the snow!


Snow Country

I make snowboarding in the living room look GOOD!

Tonight Matt and I leave for Mount Snow.

We and about 16 of our closest friends are getting away for the weekend to eat and drink and snowboard (or ski).

With everything that's going on with Matt's this weekend away should come as a welcome break but right now it doesn't feel like it will. Will I be able to put down the huge bleakness of our situation and have fun? Maybe. I can live in the moment but can Matthew? We'll see.

In the meantime there's still lots to do. Last minute errands like dropping Bailey off, picking up the beers, fueling up the truck. I've got my directions, my bags packed, my (borrowed) snowboard and snow gear. should I bring popcorn kernels to pop on the stove? Should I bring the rum and make captain-and-gingers all night? WE'LL SEE!

In other news JC got a boxer puppy and she is sleeping in Bailey's bed RIGHT NOW!
My head aches with the cuteness.

Be safe this weekend!
And to Corinney - have a happy and safe Dirty Thirty you old bag!
We'll pop come champagne when I get back!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first 5k

I signed up for my first road race EVER.
I'm not nervous about it either.
Not really.

AP assures me there are plenty of walkers/joggers so I'm sure to be faster than somebody which is heartening. I've begun my post-holiday work out routine and it's been my salvation. I don't know about you but when I sit around for more than a couple of days my body gets antsy. Despite my long history of Division 3 college athletics I have never raced. The Simmons soccer team used to do an annual 5k but those of us on the Field hockey and Softball teams didn't have to. Oh, you crazy soccer folks.

I'm keeping true to my Irish heritage, too, by deciding to run the St. Patty's Day race which begins and ends near no less than 3 pubs! How's that for classy. Meghan says we should make some green-themed outfits to run in and I am all for that. Standing next to the tall kids I just might look like a leprechaun.

Sekiah want to climb up here?

Speaking of kids the babies came to visit me today!

They were the happiest surprise of my otherwise mediocre day. I'm nursing an emotional hangover from yesterday. Even the happy fact of my upcoming ski trip can't raise my spirits. Not the way my babies can. Papa Jack says he'll bring them by again tomorrow.

I'm going to back to listening to nothing but Ani.
All day long baby.
All day loooong.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The End of an 'Error'

Not much of a post today.
Still just reeling from Inauguration Tuesday!

I streamed it live from CNN and had fun trading quips with all my peeps. Did you happen to notice George senior pat that Marine on the ass? "Don't ask! Don't Tell!"

Ha HA!

Did you see little Sacha ask him "how do you feel now?" as they were waving?
Goodness I love this family.

(Pops! the champagne)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Go Orange!

Oh my god.
I had such fun at the basketball game this weekend.

First of all, The Dome (as it's called) was MUCH smaller than I thought it would be, but so was Fenway Park when I first saw a Red Sox game there. Why does everything look so much bigger on TV?

In any case there was a record breaking crowd of over 30,000 people and Syracuse vs. Notre Dame was the ESPN game of the week. So there were camera's all over the place and fan-fare and ex-famous-players giving the stand-up and wave. We drove over with Erika's dad who gave us an unplanned driving tour of the campus. Despite our early start we didn't beat the masses and parking was a bit tricky. We crept our way into the front lot and parked just outside the dome. The guy E's dad works with had some hook-up so she and I got GREAT seats mid-court AND we got VIP parking.

Not too shabby.
Here's a video from the floor.
As you can see we are like 8 rows back.
(Please ignore the random zoom at the end. I assumed it would focus on the scoreboard but it didn't.)


We walked around the dome looking at the poster-sized history lesson of Syracuse University. Their sports heroes, coaches of fame, and random performers (Garth Brooks apparently gave a concert there) and it got me to thinking about the college experience. Have I missed out on this co-ed athletically hyper-focused rigmarole? Although I wouldn't trade my Simmons all-women's college years for anything, especially not for the uber-masculine sports-mania of a huge university, I wondered, what it would be like to go to one of those schools where female superstars walked the halls or sat next to me in math class?

Make that art class, I could help them with their color charts and figure drawing.

All around us were these crazy people decked out in orange; grandmothers and daughters, sons, men I'm assuming were alums of Syracuse themselves. I wondered about the paternal motivations that drive some men and if there are women out there who want their daughters to go to Simmons or Wellseley or wherever they went with the same zeal that I saw in these guys. I wondered about what sort of mother I would be.

And then there was all this basketball. There was a score climbing higher and higher 2 points at a time. There's a sophomore (number 10) who stands 6 feet even and looks like a midget playing on the court who (rumor has it) will be playing in the NBA next year. There were 2 giant men, an inch shy of 7 feet tall each, who dunked and stomped and stole the ball throwing their weight all over court for the entire game.

it was great fun!
Erika spent part of the game trying to locate her dad in the upper deck.

But it's Monday after a snowy weekend which means plenty of dead and towed-in cars and work to be done. Besides which I'm under a time crunch to finish penciling 5 more Duck pages. This is the scene where I sneak in the babies.

Stay warm and dry out there.

(And here's me getting excited for my up-coming ski trip this weekend! You can't see it in the photo but I'm strapped in to the snowboard. AND! I got Matthew a new winter jacket and some snow pants for his birthday which means he won't be going down hill wearing faded black acid washed jeans much to my delight! Cheerio!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm off to see The Wizards

Not really the Wizards. More like the Syracuse Whatevertheyare's versus the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (that one's easy for me to remember). Who knew Notre Dame had a basketball team? Not me.

And last night standing around the dinner table Patrick asked 'Isn't liking basketball supposed to be a lesbian requirement or something?' to which i replied 'yes, and that's the closest i'll ever get to being kicked off the team.' I make up for the gayness in other ways, I'm sure.

And besides, I like basketball I'm just not terribly good at it.
I can shoot though. And at the gym I move a medicine ball around like I know what I'm doing. Like you would never want to go up against me one on one. See that's the trick. To seem like you know what you're doing. People fake it all the time.

"Fake it 'til you make it, ladies!"

So I'll be watching the old b-ball game, watching some dudes charge the paint and score a hoop (ha!) and I'll be secretly cheering under my breath since I'm going with Syracuse fans. So why am I rooting for a team I didn't even know existed until yesterday? Beacuse my dad's irish, and he likes them I guess. And according to Patrick last night, I've got a better chance of seeing Notre Dame actually win if I'm not watching football. Seems they didn't do too well this season.

This morning one of the ladies in the coffee shop gave me a handmade CD of YES WE CAN:Voices of a Grassroots Movement. The songs about Barack Obama's road to the White House. We got to talking yesterday about his speechs and how you can download them for free on itunes.

Meantime, here's some feel good dance moves for all y'all.
[Look for me this weekend in the Syrascuse Dome (or whateveritscalled)]


Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Office Star's in a General Store

This is more than just a little cool.

Steve Carrel bought one of the oldest landmarks in Marshfield (where I'm from) and he's going to keep it as a general store.

Whaddaya' know about that.

Remember back when I needed to locate candy cigarettes for my Halloween costume?
Guess where I got them?
Yup. That very same general store.
It's the only place around here that's still got penny candy.

Can you imagine this guy ringing you up?

Anyway, happy Thursday!
If you're looking for me this weekend I'll be cheering at the Notre Dame game in Syracuse (on the down low of course since I don't want to get into any football-crazed fist fights)

*(whispers) "Go Irish!"*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can you believe how long my freaking hair has grown?
I have begun to sprout curls on the way back that twirl for miles and the long bits up front keep falling in my face. Don't even get me started on the morning bed head!


But tonight the love of my life, the light of my world, my future sister-in-law, the one, the only Jessie B. is a'coming over to clip my locks. Bye bye hair I can do nothing with. Goodbye curly-cues. And after I will be taking the longest hottest shower for the first time in days, baby, DAAAAYS.

I feel bad for all who must endure the stench of me.

My perfect night alone goes like this (and if I'm lucky tonight will look a lot like it):

Wrap up work with a nice little Matthew-chat. Talk about business. Talk about his kids.
Call my mom on the way to the gym to ask what's for dinner and tease her for not working out.
Pick up a six pack or a bottle of wine on the drive home. It's supposed to get down into single digits tonight so I'll keep Bailey at the shop until after the gym.
Then, Jessie will give me a hair cut and I'll give her a bottle of wine.
Eat some home cooking.
Pop some pupcorn after my hot, hot, hot, hot, long, long, shower.
Clean up the room I haven't slept in in days.
Change into my cozy jams.
Shuffle around in my old man shuffly slips (I got new ones for Christmas!)
Climb into bed to oogle Rachel Maddow while she tells me about the state of the world.
I might flip through the channels looking for reruns of Monday nights' No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain in Venice. And I'll probably wonder how I'll balance my fixation with Kyra Sedgeick in The Closer (Mondays at 9pm) with my affection for Anthony Bourdain (Also on Mondays at 9pm).

Oh, who am I kidding?
Kyra wins me over everytime.

And I can officially make this announcement:
I have perfected the fine art of popping pupcorn on the stove.
A little bit of melted butter on top. some finely ground salt sprinkled over top.
Warm and crunchy and slightly salty.
It just might be the perfect food.

Anyway, I'm off to wash the truck and have my piano lesson.
It's about freaking time, too.
My music's been all over the place this month.

Peace dudes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Some art.
Hopefully we'll see more and more of this kind of stuff lurking around here.
I have never been the best at webpage creation (please see this very cookie-cutter blog) so actually doing things web related isn't tops on my priority list.

The girls made it down to Memphis.
And in the final cut Cat will look less afraid and more reverent.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The 'Aughts

Okay okay okay...

The holidays are finally over and with them goes all the sourness and melancholy of the last year.
Not if you love the Fenway area of Boston, kids.

This morning a 4 alarm fire ignited in the heart of my beloved dive establishment Thorton's Fenway Bar & Grill and spread through the ventilation system to 5 other businesses: Greek Isles Restaurant, Rod-Dee 2 Thai Cuisine, El Pelon Taquieria, Umi Japanese Restaurant, Sorento's Italian Gourmet, and Bon Cleaners were all destroyed.

Anne, a friend of mine with a head of red curls that more than match any natural blaze snapped these photos today at lunch.

Let's pause a moment while I pour one out for my for my beloved college dive.

Here's to the first underage drink I ever had in a proper establishment.

Here's to Dani who got a job as a waitress there.

Here's to Amy's 21st birthday extravaganza and shouting Still Life With Woodpecker quotes across the table at Mr. Geoff Graye.

Here's to Teressa Brown sliding down so far in her seat she appeared to be a long plank of wood.

Here's to all the times I brought Mom and Dad there.

Here's to being Friday Girls' with Alex and sneaking over to split lunch in between our Friday classes; always a bowl of clam chowder, one packet of oyster crackers each, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner, a salad so huge and delicious it begged to be shared.

Here's to Katie C., wasted, talking about her New Hampshire house; here's to my surprise that she had a New Hampshire house.

Here's to Leo (yes, even Leo) sitting outside at the green checked table after the August sun set talking about Kaitlyn (or caitlin, or katelyn) before we went dancing.

Here's to the crazy skinny guy who worked there forever and whose name was a noun (Cross? Crutch?) who told me after-hours in the bar across the street, when it was still called the Linwood, about the ancient toothless blowjob lady who was hitting on his friend. "He said he could feel her toothless gums on his junk" he shuddered. Congratulations, Mr. Noun, I am still completely grossed out by that even to this day.

Here's to Hangover Brunch with Natali the morning we met Mike Timlin having breakfast inside, the day of game two of the 2004 World Series and he signed both our hats.

Here's to Marcia's seventh long island iced tea and and to her impossibly white teeth showing like little Chiclets when she laughed.

Here's to the picture I still have of Jenna and Leo coming out of the fog when we were all new.

Here's to all the memories of all the nights spent with friends.

Here's to the countless Sunday brunches, the endless tropical mimosa's and coffee that tasted like it was made with used dishwater but we drank it anyway.

Here's to the The In-Laws, no cheese, side of home fries.

Here's to you, Thornton's.

You will be missed.