Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's!!

Remember that snowstorm back in 1997? We got about 2 and a half feet here in Marshfield. Canceled school and if I remember correctly it was one of the last times I ever went sledding. Corinne and I were in high school together and she drove us over to the Marshfield Country Club where we dragged some sleds to the 10th Tee which seemed a lot smaller now that I was 16.


Remember that Google thing I mentioned?
They're at it again!

This morning when I logged on there was a prankster message about CADIE the new autopilot program for email. It scans all your messages and responds appropriately. (I read CADIE like it's a golf caddie, helping you out.) Here's a screen shot of the type of (hilarious) responses it might give to say, your therapist... or your girlfriend. ("Conclusion: Terminate relationship")

In the past they've spoofed on-line dating and turning the convenience of email into real mail. If that sort of thing interests you find it all HERE. My favorite by far of all the Google Hoaxes has been the Beer Goggles from Google bit they ran. They had this to say about Beer Goggles for Google:

"Basically, activating this feature (you can change to whatever settings you want) will force you to answer some math questions before you can send the email … this is designed both to show you that your mental state might not be right at the time and to make you think longer before you hit the dreaded “Send” button."

They sure are funny, those Google guys.

For those of you who haven't joined the ranks of the Gmail army what are you waiting for?
In all seriousness it sorts your mail and has a built in chat program and a powerful search engine so you can always find that address of the Realtor you rented from in Ptown last year or that number Katie gave you once upon a time (although it's way more fun to constantly be asking her for her address whenever you have to send her something new which, these days, hasn't been much admittedly) Jump on the band wagon kids!


I rode my bike to work for the first time ever today. I felt like a dork almost the whole way. I'm sure that'll go away over time. And as the weather warms up it's only going to get more enjoyable. The downside is that Bailey-bits can't come to work with me until I can either figure out how to take him with me via running-alongside or get a trailer tent on wheels and carry him behind me. Now THAT'll be a work out. He's got to weight 55 pounds anyway. Porker.

And hey, PSSST!
Remember that time I got to play ball in Fenway Park?
The season opener is this Monday at 2:05pm.

If you're looking for me I'll be parked on a bar stool at Magoun's Saloon with a beer and wings and a smile on face baby. Bring on the Red Sox baby, I'm ready for it!

That's me pretending to shag balls on the ACTUAL Green Monster!


Finally, in the New News to Report section I signed up for my second race ever The Great Urban Race, Boston. Teams of 2 solve 12 clues and hop around the city using only their two feet and occasionally public transit where necessary. It's a great way to see Boston and to have fun. I HIGHLY recommend signing up for it! (I'm looking at you Katie and Beth!)

That is all.
tana out.

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Katie said...

That math thing? They actually do that for your phone to prevent drunk dialing. Brilliant idea. My math problems could be so simple! The phone would be all, what's 43/8? And I'd be all, uh.... Forget this. I didn't wanna call her anyway. I'm getting a snack.