Thursday, February 12, 2009

Penelope Trunk

I stumbled across this article this morning. It's awesome. About how to make a living and be an artist, too. It's by a writer named Penelope Trunk. I didn't want to like her but I did. She asks some important questions.

"Are you making money and you're wondering if you should quit your job to do art full time? Take this test: Did you marry rich? Do you have a trust fund? Do you have reliable buyers for almost everything you produce? If you did not answer yes to any of these, then keep your day job."

The article is full of links to her other posts and I followed them around a bit and liked most of what I found. Like this one on a friend of hers whose success evoked self-doubt. It's familiar to almost every artist I'd bet. This passage hit home with me, boy.

"My moments of self-doubt always begin with the panic that I will not do anything important in my life. I panic that I will not even figure out what is important, let alone do it. Then I have flashbacks to all the teachers who wrote, “Penelope is bright, but she does not work up to her potential."

This led me down the strange path of internet blog links wherein I came across articles on Stanley Kubrick's obsessive compulsive behavior, Robert Crumb's mammoth record collection, and general commentary on the strangeness of the artist's state of mind.

But Matthew has caught a bit of a head cold so it's time to buckle down here at my real job. I have to slip away at lunch and get more illustration board so I can keep feeding my own obsession. I've also been doodling my dream coffee shop design. A girl can dream can't she?

(Random Note: I love this hoodie)

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