Thursday, February 5, 2009

His name is Jason McElwain

Hey, remember that video about the autistic kid Jason McElwain who played the last minutes of his high school basketball game and scored 20 points?

Well I thought I saw him in the Superbowl commercials during the big game last Sunday and I was right.

Holy Heartwarming Batman.


(Removed because it automatically played and that is annoying. Youtube Jason McElwain and Gatorade. You'll find it.)

And here is the original news story:


My Happy Family said...

Ahhhhh, nice work!!! Leave it to you to go the extra mile and do your research. This is such a cool story.

My mom said there was talk of this being made into a movie?

Very cool.

Katie said...

That ad was really good. But my favorite was the Bob Dylan/ Pepsi ad. Ya know. In case you are making

jt ford said...

Someone at our party was called Old Dirty Bastard or something. I was like "WHAT?! can they be serious?!"

i remember liking that ad, too.

Katie said...

Aaaahhhh! A LIST! In case you were making a list. Rats.