Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I want to bring game night back.

During the past few Sunday dinners we've been talking about it and even played a bang up game of Scattegories but I think we can get some Apples to Apples in there, maybe some In a Pickle.

And speaking of games I am totally going through Rock Band withdrawal.
I want to start having Band Practice every week.

Although I must admit I've been slacking on my weekly addictions.
Still haven't watched this weeks episode of The Closer (although mom assures me it's good. Much better than last week's). I still haven't watched this week's L-Word (but Erika watched it without me so guess who's in the dog house now) and if Katie goes to see Coraline without me I just might blow my stack, people.

In an unrelated story (unless we are considering random updates 'related') the twins are staying over for the rest of the week! I am terrifically excited about this. And I twisted mom's arm into cooking a roast beef dinner for this Sunday. The endless pit of a stomach (nicknamed Bad Brian) will be up in Maine skiing so there should be plenty to go around this time. And I'll stock up the beer fridge ahead of time. With any luck baby Callie will be there, too. With the twins getting older and more independent it's nice to have a squirmy little 6 month old baby around the house.


Anyway, it's half price car wash day here in good old Marshfield so I'm off to clean up my act.
Yes, all this excitement should be too much for one ordinary person to handle but somehow --SOMEHOW!-- I manage.

And here is your moment of Zen:
(How the hell did I miss this? I love me some Simpsons)

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