Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Office Star's in a General Store

This is more than just a little cool.

Steve Carrel bought one of the oldest landmarks in Marshfield (where I'm from) and he's going to keep it as a general store.

Whaddaya' know about that.

Remember back when I needed to locate candy cigarettes for my Halloween costume?
Guess where I got them?
Yup. That very same general store.
It's the only place around here that's still got penny candy.

Can you imagine this guy ringing you up?

Anyway, happy Thursday!
If you're looking for me this weekend I'll be cheering at the Notre Dame game in Syracuse (on the down low of course since I don't want to get into any football-crazed fist fights)

*(whispers) "Go Irish!"*

1 comment:

My Happy Family said...

Hey, I read about this on the Forum a while back and wasn't sure if it was a rumor.

And penny candy, you say?

I've only been in there once, and it was to buy a Willow Tree Angel as a gift. Sounds like a fun trip to make with the kids on a warm, summer day!