Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow Country

I make snowboarding in the living room look GOOD!

Tonight Matt and I leave for Mount Snow.

We and about 16 of our closest friends are getting away for the weekend to eat and drink and snowboard (or ski).

With everything that's going on with Matt's this weekend away should come as a welcome break but right now it doesn't feel like it will. Will I be able to put down the huge bleakness of our situation and have fun? Maybe. I can live in the moment but can Matthew? We'll see.

In the meantime there's still lots to do. Last minute errands like dropping Bailey off, picking up the beers, fueling up the truck. I've got my directions, my bags packed, my (borrowed) snowboard and snow gear. should I bring popcorn kernels to pop on the stove? Should I bring the rum and make captain-and-gingers all night? WE'LL SEE!

In other news JC got a boxer puppy and she is sleeping in Bailey's bed RIGHT NOW!
My head aches with the cuteness.

Be safe this weekend!
And to Corinney - have a happy and safe Dirty Thirty you old bag!
We'll pop come champagne when I get back!!


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