Friday, January 23, 2009



Bleakness overridden!
Good news lives!
Color returns to the world and brings beauty with it.
Now I am ready to go to the mountain. But first I shall stop for a chicken parm sub and some 'beverages'. It is definitely going to be a Captain and Ginger kind of night.

And look at the new addition to our happy Matt's Auto Service family:
JC's 4 month old Boxer named Ducati. (Quick story: the babies came by earlier with Papa Jack and since they are still on one syllable words 'Ducati' became 'Duke" (or 'ouk' if you want to get really technical) but to avoid any gender confusion I changed 'Duke' to 'Duchess'. It's not shorter but who says nicknames have to be. I mean, is that, like, a rule?)A bit blurry but that's what you get with cell phones.

Isn't she sweet?

Off to the liquor store and heading up to the snow!


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Now go and have an awesome time. :)