Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At least I can look the part, even if I don't ever ride my toe edge.

Snowboarding was so fun.
We had a house full of about 16 people and drank and laughed the night away. There was a fireplace, a pool table, a bar in the basement. I went down the big mountain only once, then the bunny hill two more times, made every muscle in my body SORE SoRe sOrE and shacked up in the Lodge with a couple of beers - Shock Top Belgian White Ales to be exact.

I think Matt had a good time. We sat around drinking in one gigantic group for awhile at the Lodge then trekked back in the darkness across the ice to find my Jeep. We made it back to the cabin in time to throw together some pasta and meatballs, 2 big loaves of garlic bread and crack some beers. I brought along some Captain and Ginger which I nursed mostly until I fell asleep watching My Cousin Vinnie, a movie I could watch anytime.

By the time I rallied everyone else who hadn't napped was about ready to turn in for the night. (I can really clear a room!) But Kerina nd Tina and Kerry and I stayed up awhile and talked lounging on strangely patterned couches and leather topped bar stools. Kerry actually laid down on the pool table and talked to us from there.

Some older aldies at the table behind us asked if we were all lesbians at some point deep into the drinking. I remember being somewhat surprised by this thinking 'Do we really look that gay?' Looking back I can see that the answer is in fact 'Yes. yes we do.'

Sunday morning we made a huge breakfast of about 4 pounds of bacon, some turkey sausage, eggs, french toast, maple syrup, orange juice, drank the last 2 pots of coffee in the house (I was on a mission to steal sugar packets from the Lodge but didn't grab nearly enough. NOTE to SELF: steal condiments THEN start drining, not the other way around!). We picked at the Globe crossword puzzle that had been floating around since Friday night which we still hadn't finished and then cleaned up and left.

All in all it was a relaxing fun time. Big thanks to Corinne for putting it all together two years in a row. Next year I'm rocking my toe edge if it kills me!

(Fingers crossed that it won't)

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