Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dashboard Confessional


Here are some finished pages! We haven't seen these creeping around the site for quite some time. Meet Dean, Duck's older brother. He's a no bullshit kind of guy who calls them like he sees them. And he's got the goods on his smaller sibling. It's a 3 of 5 series.

In the words of that awesome Emo band:

"We are compelled to do
what we have to
we are compelled to do what we been forbidden"
(Dashboard Confessional)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Garish, No Doubt.

Finally! Art!
But... uh... What the fu--?

I trolled the internets this morning looking at artists my favorite artists support and one guy, Tim McBurnie came up. He's an Aussie and draws fanatstical things much better than I do. Go check him out! Here's an inspired (if slightly garish) warm up. My tablet skills leave much to be desired. Maybe I'll stick Mr. Viking-meets-Captain-Picard guy in the background of Duck somewhere. Be on the look out for him!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I look death in the face -- and laugh!

Camping was an unparalleled success. Despite not catching any fish myself and discovering my inner wimpy-ness involving canoes that might tip over we had a great time. I played "Beat the Bottle" and won. I've learned that sleeping bags are clutch, Disney movies are most fun when watched outside at the "walk-in" movie theater and there's a helluvalotta food that's way more fun to cook over a campfire. The softball championship was a split which is a cop-out if you ask me but no one asked me.
What was the harm in playing one more day?
But okay, two teams are winners, hooray.

We'll get 'em next year.

After camping came one long and gorgeous weekend at the beach. I am darker than I have been in years (fear not - I always tan through the SPF, never without it!) We played a failing game of Beat the Cooler wherein you try and drink all of the alcohol in the cooler, but alas, we had too much. I'm a decent frisbee tosser and this new game of Redneck Horses has been polished to perfection. My brother gave me an unintended compliment this weekend saying that my horseshoe toss really opened up at the end giving it a nice finish. Suddenly I felt as though my sand sports were on par with fine wine.

The most surprisingly pleasant moment this weekend was during my trip to the library. I haven't set foot in a library in months, maybe even years! but I knew I wanted to read Waiting for Godot on the beach on Saturday so off to the library I went. And marvel of marvels! sitting right next to Waiting for Godot was a copy of Albert Camus' Notebooks; a fantastic book I just might have been waiting for my whole life. Essentially it is excerpts from Camus' own journal from 1935 - 1942. He's got meditations on loneliness and friendship, women, war and the Algerian sea. It's terrific and not at all what I expected.

So ends another Monday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a short week

Today, Tuesday, is in fact my Friday.
Hooray for short weeks!

The poor planner in me totally goofed when I agreed to go on this camping trip forgetting completely that I would be in the throes of my Softball Championship Games. Last night Julie Brown called me the heart of the team which solidified her place in my heart forever while we drank down one last beer. Tonight I have to beat feet straight from the field to the shower from the shower to the car from the car to the beverage store and hurry on up to New Hampster for some spider dogs.

Tae informs me that a spider dog is what you get when you cut the ends off a regular hot dog and cook it over a campfire. The heat makes the ends sort of curl and explode roughly resembling hot juicy spider legs. If that doesn't sound like dinner I don't know what does.

And it turns out I'm not allergic to my ex after all. The day after we met for dinner I broke out in what appeared to be an allergic reaction rash. Does heartache do that to a person? I didn't think so. Turns out it's a heat rash. I know what your saying - isn't that something children get? Well, yes. Typically. Children and sullen adults who go to the beach pouty without enough sunscreen, drink way more alcohol than water and sweat too much. How lovely.

And today I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off (what disgusting imagery!). I haven't packed anything for this three day long camping trip and on the list of things not-to-leave-without is a new journal. Time to start fresh. If I plan it right I might actually get everything done before it's too late. Hoo-rah. In the meantime here's another pic of Katie and I dancing like straight people at the wedding. Apparently I don't know how to lead, or follow, or how to dip, twist or twirl. I can sure fake it like a pro though.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Art Blog? What Art Blog?

I think if you're keeping an art blog, you should probably post art from time to time. Well... I'll take that under advisement and start scanning some sh*t.

Meantime, here's a pic from the wedding I went to this weekend. Too bad there's none of Katie and me (Katie and I?) together. Who gets all fancied up for a wedding and doesn't take any goddamn pictures? Apparently we do. I drank Dirty Shirley's all night, which, if the gayness of the drink doesn't scare you away, you should try sometime. Just throw vodka in a Shirley Temple, raspberry vodka if you feel like getting fancy.

Off to finish up some pages.
This last chapter is turning out to be a real doozie.

-Hanging her head in artful shame,