Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday is the new Friday

It's vacation time!

I have been a busy bee today not-doing-anything-book-related.

I downloaded new music, burned some dance CD's, packed my truck, checked my list, got excited for PTOWN, g-chatted online, ate some Thai food, drew another Dykes strip (It's still so hard trying to APE someone else's style with characters you've never really drawn before) and soon, I'll be GOING HOME.

And then, tomorrow to Provincetown Massachusetts! To celebrate Gay Christmas.
For days and days...
And the weather should be perfect (knock on wood)

After reading the comments on Alison's Blog I decided to keep todays guest strip firmly within the established continuity. I knew the bit about the little CIA Republican going to PTown every year forever was goofy but that's why I threw it in there. Thought it would be funny to have the least gay character in the series blurt out that she knew more about gay tradition than the others.

Oh, well. Better in theory I guess.
Vacation starts.... NOW!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Church at Church

An ex girlfriend opens up a bar with your name on it.

How Lesbonic!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yet Another Red Sox Monday

i wonder if I should try and put all of these pages in some sort of readable order.
The (hodgepodge) way I have been doing it is to finish a fistful of pages, ink 'em and post 'em and move on to the next batch. But now that I've got almost all of my pages done and many of them are scattered throughout these posts, perhaps it would be a better idea to select a few and post them in order.

I'll create a PREVIEW link on the side that'll show you the first 10 pages or so.
Yeah. And I should get around to updating the actual information about the book itself. For all the newbies that drop in willy nilly.

That's that ticket.
Therefore, let's end on this note:

Updates coming soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Like a Jackrabbit

Another Friday comes and goes.

Hello, Friends.
It's been a busy week.

I've got a double page spread, Miles' letter in the so-called flesh, Ducks ruminations, and the making of a backyard barbeque. The house party is really the last scene I have left to draw. The last complete scene that is. everything else is already laid out or in process. I still have a single page of dancing and some odds and ends to draw for local flavor but we're getting there.

We're so close I can taste it!

Last night I had dinner with a copyright editor (or something) who offered to help me with the language of my disclaimer. How handy. Writing a book that cuts close to the bone in places could really use a good one of those. I was halfway through protesting when I realized what this woman was offering me was essentially good FREE help and I'd be an idiot to turn that down, so I shut my trap. Lord knows I can use all the help I can get.

Katie showed remarkable dexterity (not to mention speed!) when she flagged my car down as I peeled out looking for parking. It's a wonder she can run given the wind resistance under her mane of black curls. I am always shocked at the sheer length and volume of her hair these days. Maybe she right. Maybe I do have a retroactive relationship with her regal locks...

As always pictures come first.I don't recommend paying too much attention to the word balloons and the content as that stuff is bound to change a few more times once I get the scene all laid out. It's a pacing thing. Tweak here, modify there. And somehow, eventually we'll end up with an entertaining narrative that actually makes sense.


Have a happy safe weekend you guys.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Watch Out!! -- Dykes!!

Or, Dykes to Watch Out For. My car got broken into last night and those bastards stole my TomTom (my favorite (slash only) GPS unit) and the special flashlight that Matthew gave me for my birthday. Being the mechanical genius Matt is he wired the charger base into the dashboard so the flashlight could charge when my headlights were on. Talk about Pimp. But, no more TomTom and no more flashlight. I guess when you are stealing things in the middle of the night it helps to also steal flashlights -you can never have too many of those.

So, to help myself feel better (and tune out all those friendly motherf*ckers who keep asking me if my car was even locked -it wasn't but that's not the point --the point is people shouldn't steal) I spent the day drawing my version of a Dykes to Watch Out For cartoon. If you don't know this series you should. Alison Bechdel won the best book in the universe award from the New york Times this year for her work on Fun Home which is also awesome.

So my advice? On a shitty rainy Friday when your car got broken into (look - even if it wasn't unlocked they would've smashed the window!) if you want to make yourself feel better arrange to get wasted with your cousins at a Townie bar in Marshfield, Confirm that Rockstar space in Ptown you've been meaning to book since February, guest draw a cartoon you love and spend the time you should be working looking at things that make you happy. For instance, all those old Duckling videos from 2005 and that one from this Tuesday when I got to play softball INSIDE Fenway Park.

And so, the bell tolls 5:15
If you're looking for me it's probably because I'm lost since now I don't have my Tomtom.
Somebody call the Waaaambulance.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Finale is Underway

Endings and beginnings. Beginnings and endings.

The finale is officially underway.

Six pages is a sizable chunk. With a few more to go we'll be wrapping this thing up in no time.
Will Church and Duck stay friends forever? Life always seem to throw you lemons, doesn't it? And if what they say is right, that change is the only constant-- I'd argue that losing love seems to be a very close second.

So few things really last.

We've got some big questions to answer coming up but I won't spoil them here.

But, in the spirit of asking questions these doozies have been floating around in my head all morning: Is it because we are unwilling to change that love ends? Is rigidity the real culprit here? How much do naivety and fear contribute to our resisting change? Is resistance to change the same thing as resistance to evolution? And what does rigidity do to love? Finally, do we really believe at age 24 or at age 27 that we already know exactly who we are?

I dunno.

Mostly though I am wondering if Duck is just avoiding her responsibility for what happened between her and Miles. Is she trying to weasel out of being the bad guy by blaming the events that came before her bad behavior?

Our two roof dwellers are going to start asking some big questions.

Remember now, I am a Philosophy major. And what better venue for conversations to take place than in a universe of my own creation? Perhaps the only place where I can guarantee that faucet of conversation will never be shut off.

Thank goodness for that.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

On a Roll

Five o'clock just came too quickly today.

I just about finished 2 more pages but I'll only be posting one tonight. I haven't lettered the other one so, that'll give us something to do tomorrow, for sure. In the meantime I made the Duck from yesterday look less ugly, with boobs more her size.

Hooray for the fake porch!