Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Shelves

U2 posters, photogram artwork, a dictionary on a stand, maps of the world
and an Albert Camus quotation over the door.
What's your office like?
Matt made an observation about me this morning as we were hanging the new shelves in the office.
He said "I know two things to be true about you Tana. One is that when our finances get tight you want to redecorate and when we are slammed with work you have the strongest urge to renovate."
We laughed.
That tends to be true of me once I go through a breakup, too.
I helped too but someone had to take the picture.

This year alone I repainted the entire upstairs of my mother's house, renovated the largest bedroom, hung shelves, organized the attic and trimmed the upstairs floor and hallway. I also replaced all the broken or cracked face plates on the light switches and power outlets and caulked every crack and crevice around the windows, which, I reasoned, would help mom out come the winter time. No more windy windows.

Anyway, Without further ado: the bookcases turned shelves.
xTTada! Fancy new bookcases turned on their side.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shorty...can you reach those bad boys??

jt ford said...

HA HA! No. But luckily I filled them with things I don't often use. And I keep a handy little booster step close by.

My Happy Family said...

I wonder if the motivation is a seasonal thing, because you are the third person in 2 days who has told me of the need to "reorganize" and "declutter." I went through it about a week or two ago...

Is it a sort of nesting instinct that we get because winter is right around the corner? I don't know...

Maybe it's just coincidence.

In any case, it looks really good. Nice work!