Friday, November 7, 2008

Artists I Like

Look Closely.
In addition to coloring books for the kiddos we've got
"Wicked," "Blankets," "A Prayer For Owen Meany," "Candide," some "Battle Pope,"
"Despereaux," and "The Prophet" to name a few.

Yesterday was a great draw day. I penciled 3 pages, polished 6 total. I flew through faces and gestures and the play-acting required to move a graphic story forward. Then, when I came to work this morning I sat at my desk and... nothing. Pencil farts. Couldn't draw for shit.

So I did what I often do to try and snap out of it. I trolled the internets. There are a dozen or more artists' pages that I like and follow. Many of them are listed on the side of my blog here. We've got simple, entertaining artwork by Kate Beaton, the cartoony very comic-booky work of Ryan Ottley, I almost always check out the Dykes To Watch Out For blog to see what's new with my fellow New England artist Alison Bechdel and Sean Gordon Murphy's artwork which updates often and almost ALWAYS knocks my socks off. This kid can draw. Yowza.

I'm not actually grumpy, it's just early is all.
Also, I win the messiest desk award. What is all that crap?

And usually that's enough to turn the tide. I look at the way they rendered an ear, or the way they pulled off some subtle expression and I start drawing too. If I still can't get my pencil hand moving fluidly than typically I'll try some other form of creation. Writing, for instance. Or inking something I have already drawn. With this new version of the book (remember the great computer crash of 2008?) I am not going to ink anything until all of the pages are pencilled. That means the whole god damn revised book.

So far we've got close to 19 pages done.
We're right on pace.
You can see right into my trash.

And, if all else fails and I just can't stop sucking than I'll pick up a graphic novel and hunker down and read. You can never read too much. But for now, back to work. Such that it is.

TGIF people.

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Deborah said...

“And then, behold, on day I discovered an entirely new joy. Suddenly, at the age of forty, I began to paint. Not that I considered myself a painter or intended to become one. But painting is marvelous; it makes one happier and more patient. Afterward one does not have black fingers as with writing, but red and blue ones.”

Another Hesse quote, in honor of your renewed work on your graphic novel. Congratulations.