Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Say It Ain't So

This is where I will be sitting painting on some icicles today. After much deliberation we have decided to leave only "mattsautoservice.com" in writing on the back. I had initially thought to put our phone number or maybe write "custom paint" but once it was all laid out it looked cramped and unnecessary.

The icicles were katie's idea. It keeps with the theme of the Ice Queen which might end up being what I name this old girl once she's done.

This really should do it for the outside of the truck. I've got some painting left to do on the vinyl door panels and the front brush guard but this concludes the big stuff.

Without further ado I'm off (like a prom dress)--


cmorris said...

off like a prom dress, really? i think that was the last time you ever wore one!!! love ya

jt ford said...

Out like a boner in sweatpants?? Is that better?