Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Red Wine Headache on a Wednesday

The glibness and inconsistencies of love.

That would make a good opening line wouldn't it?
Last night in my house at the end of the world I sat plucking at my piano drinking red wine out of a Poland Spring bottle wondering that very thing. What about the glibness and inconsistencies of love? "Frenemy" is a new favorite word of mine. I think there should be a Tana-dictionary, something like an urban dictionary but specialized to include only my favorite amalgamations of words. "Sheeple" for instance. Or "Bromance." There would be a spot at the top where you could suggest words I might like, and a prize for the people whose words I choose. I'd send off some original art to the lucky few, for instance.

I'd like to work words like "Frenemy" into my narrative but I'm concerned about making it inaccessible to the reader (doubly worrisome since I'm not exactly sure who my audience might be). Although I'm not sure one word (or two or three) would make for inaccessible reading let's remember I'm writing a novel about Lesbians in Boston. How universal will this really be?

The part I'm working on today are the sex bits. So even if you can't relate to me I'm sure to entertain you. Tana out.

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