Friday, September 19, 2008

Green Tape Underway

Tada! ...Sort of.

I didn't get as far along yesterday as I had hoped. God damned work interruptions. Don't they know I am trying to work on my private side project during office hours? I did lay in almost all of my front design. It's swirlier than I would've guessed. Like I said, I'm just letting this happen organically. Because I'm kind of scrunched up against the wall on the passenger side the swirls are thicker and fatter. You'll notice it more when I'm finished. I think this happened because I can move in long steps along the driver's side which makes for longer swirls and curls. but I have to sit and make swoops on the other side. SO there you go.

This picture is taken from right up against the wall which illustrates how little leg room I have on this side. And being that the rig's all taped up and sealed off there's no moving it 'til she's done.

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