Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Pictures

A few more pictures of some of the rooms in this place.

Now, I know it's not what you expect from a mansion. There are no garishly large televisions (says the girl who owns a garishly large television). There are no in-your-face-elements or overwhelmingly poor choices in modern design. There is nothing that shouts money money money anywhere in this place (unless you're looking very hard). There is however, a slight sea breeze and plenty of light. Italian tile and uneven floorboards. There are ancient, almost threadbare rugs and travel books vying for space between the cookbooks in the built in bookcases.

These pictures are probably a bit dull. I took them at about 6 this morning.

You cannot believe the quiet here. No, it's not quiet. It's life. The terns and plovers warbling, and the crickets chirping, the rabbit's waffling their noses at the smells of Eric making dinner. It is the sound; not far off at all actually, of the ocean lapping at the shore. It's the smell of saltwater New England and the occasional diesel truck chugging it's way along in the sand. It's my new home away from home.

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