Monday, June 30, 2008

The Frisbee/Beer Toss

Katie and I are working on an 8-page minicomic that she wrote and I'm illustrating.
It's a little one shot short story exercise in dysfunctional relationships.
My specialty!

I'll be working on that over the long weekend/week off in the hours I might be sober.
Thankfully vacation is almost here. I can use some time worshiping the sun in my new girl bathing suit and cowboy hat sipping some hard iced tea. Have you heard of this new Frisbee game? Basically you balance an empty beer bottle on the top of a thin post and the goal of the game is to knock the bottle off the post. First team to 21 wins. Teams of two. There's a post set up at either end of the Frisbee pitch --about the distance of a horseshoe toss, and it's 3 points if you knock the bottle off directly and 2 if you hit the post and the bottle falls off. If the opposite team catches the bottle (remember it's glass) than it's one less point for the scoring team.

I tried to find a youtube video of this but to no avail. It's really quite fun.
Ive got to work on my Frisbee aim.

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